Friday, August 26, 2005

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Final placing update on Aerobatic World Champs from Claude

A massage received from Pierre

Final positions thus far............... the finals still to be flown i.e. the top 20 ......
.......Andre ....33rd
Danie ....52nd

The team positions.....Japan 1st
America 2nd
France 3rd

Please note that we are in the 15th position out of 42 countries that took part.....and there were 112 pilots that representing their countries

Our team Flew into 15th spot, as an totally amateur ( I.e. non sponsored ) sports team, up against professional teams that are sponsored down to their Tail wheels ........I think this is Excellent result.....We are privileged to have in our midst the likes of the SA Aerobatics team....Andre, Danie & Pierre.....The 'Ama Loop loop' gang.....who on their own bat, (& at great personal expense) flew into 15th position, mean feat...........Congratulations & well done from the Pattern fraternity of this country........ all the MAASA boys & girls salutes you for what you have done to keep the SA pattern flag flying high & proud.......The team arrives back in town on Monday......


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

F3A Aerobatic World Champs web site

This is the link to the official web site.
Go to "news" then download the "gazettes" in pdf format.

F3A news update from Claude

The latest news from Paris..........Ama Loop doing well..... Team still very hungry ........will do anything for a Boerewors roll please send food parcels to the team......
Surprise 30% of entries are Electric..........50% YS 4 stroke..........20% OS 2 stroke

Score so far..... Danie 1st flight ....66 % 2nd flight 67% With Love to Amanda Pierre.1st flight ....63 % 2nd flight 66% Andre 1st flight ....67 % 2nd Flight 71%
weather conditions Still & windy....Top score for the 2nd day gone up 2 a staggering 87.5%

Will Keep you informed....Regards Claude
WE are trying to find an active web site for the champs, if anybody has please let us know....

Sunday, August 21, 2005

First info on the Aerobatic World Champs from Claude MacKrill

Got a sms from Carel our team manager he says that the Final practice has been completed, and that all the aircraft processing has been successful.Today was the opening ceremony.....Tomorrow the fight starts in earnest........

Lets hold thumbs for the team.....

Just a thought ....What do we call our team....Bokke?......Ama Loop Loop ?.........Ama ( need suggestions)....the one with the best suggestion will win a prize.....sponsored by SAB..........

Regards,,,Claude...Fly Strait....

Friday, August 19, 2005

Bob Parks on adverse yaw and dihedral in gliders

Well, sort out priorities here.. adverse yaw in transient maneuvers is probably not that critical in the overall performance. One key to efficient glider flying is not wasting energy on unneeded maneuvers, regardless of what they are. ;-)

More critical than short transients is how efficiently the model can do near steady state turns in a thermal. The big driver is having enough dihedral to be able to track a thermal turn at high lift coefficients, with reasonably stability. In the past, ailerons always meant also having low dihedral (an offshoot, I think, of F3b models optimized for the speed and distance tasks). It took forever, but there are now some aileron airplanes with enough dihedral to thermal well.

A very good pilot with full 3 axis control is always going to be the best performance. As pilot skill goes down (or the pilot is wanting to allocate his attention to tactics rather than turning), then the answer will change. Actually, one of the very early seeds of the Bubble Dancer concept was when I was at a big soaring meet about 13 years ago (Visalia), and was watching a lot of pilots just wallowing around the sky with flat wing molded airplanes, and realizing that they would get MUCH better flights with an RES ship.

Some of it comes down to personal preference. I happen to like flying RES gliders. I find it relaxing, and it lets me dedicate a lot of my attention to "tactics".. i.e. what is happening in the air, where the birds are, what the feel of the air is etc. I don't compete any more, so I tend to fly alone, no caller etc. I fly other aileron airplanes (3D electrics, jets), so I probably want different things out of my gliders than many people would. I just happen to like the way a good rudder/ dihedral sailplane flies.

Anyway, the answer for competition is to fly the plane that will give YOU the best score. The hot shot pilot who won with his F3B airplane probably would have won it with any other plane too, but that doesn't mean that what he flew is what you should fly. Note that the airplane that gives you the best score might just be the one you ENJOY flying the most.


Friday, August 12, 2005

Helicopter World Champs in Spain

Link to official web site for scores etc

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

World Jet Masters -- final results

Link to official web page in Hungary, (there is an English version)

Volksrust Aug 2005, Izak Theron launching a Zipper. Photo by Gert Nieuwoudt.
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Gert writes:
I joined the ETB clan the past weekend for one of their regular Volksrust outings. A few others joined in with about 14 pilots in total on Saturday. The lift was at first light and not consistent but improved during the day up to the point where we had a ball. The crowd was made up mostly of slope and glider pilots. The usual foam wing was used to get warmed up and followed up with other slope toys. The models ranged from Norbit's 4.5m ASW-26 and flying wing, Toko (Theuns Coetzee), Baby-Eish (Herman), Shongolollo (Paul), Fling DLG (Herman), Zipper (Herman), Hill billy, other Glass slippers and some "crunchie" models. Yes Herman had quite an interesting carload full of gliders all in immaculate condition. Herman, next time I will take a go with that Baby-Eish.

I used the opportunity to maiden my 54cm Limit-Ex and was surprised to see it fly really well. It is obviously very sensitive, but after some endpoint adjustments it was easy to handle. The one ruddervator horn broke off and caused it to spiral in. Due to the low weight the damage was little and will prolly become one of my favorite toys in future.

I had to leave early on Saturday but had my fix and is now again ready to take the workload. A day on the mountain is always refreshing and to see a few old friends is priceless.


PS. From Izak
Die wind het Saterdag middag meer steady geraak hoe later dit geword het en Paul en Norbert het tot amper sononder op die valley release gevlieg. Ek het 'n bietjie vroeër afgegaan plaas toe want die griep het my behoorlik begin pak.

Sondag was 'n bietjie meer consistent as Saterdag maar ek moes teen 2-uur pad vat. Paul, Norbert en André het oorgebly Sondag aand en het blykbaar 'n fantastiese dag Maandag gehad.

Volksrust Aug 2005. ASW 26, baby Eish and Limit X. Photo by Gert Nieuwoudt
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Volksrust Aug 2005. Photo by Gert Nieuwoudt
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Volksrust Aug 2005, the western slope. Photo by Gert Nieuwoudt.
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Volksrust Aug 2005.
The pit area.
Photo by Gert Nieuwoudt
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Monday, August 08, 2005

World Jet Masters update from Zane

Hi Guys

Unfortunately confusion rules about the final results as NOWHERE can I find the final scores after round 3! Only the final results are available but here they are. Will also try and contact our guys today.


Individual Class:

1. Thomas Gleissner, Germany, Bae Hawk
2. Reto Senn, Switzerland, F-5
3. Günther Sedlmeier, Germany, Mirage 2000

Open Class:

1. Thomas Singer, Germany, Mig 29
2. Jon Tappin/Ian Richardson, England, F-100
3. Lucca De Marche, Italy, MB-339

Nations trophy:

1. Germany

2. England

3. Switzerland

4. USA

Highest static score: Gunther Sedlmeier, Germany, Mirage

Highest Flight Score: Andy Lau, China, L-39 Albatros

Will keep you updated when I can find our placings


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Update from WJM from Zane

Hi Guys

I have just spoken to our guys over in Hungary.

The bad news is that Greg Casson had 2 terrible rounds due to flame outs on flight no.1 and flight no.2. They have traced the problem to a faulty fuel pump which they have changed and also moved closer to the motors. The sad bit is that his scores were all 8's and 9's but then got 2 0's because he had to land and could not finish his schedule.

Greg is hoping to get a great flight in tomorrow. Glen and Mark are still in there with a chance so lets keep our fingers crossed for them. The SA Team should finish well in the top 10.


Update on F3B World Champs from Craig Goodrum

Link for info

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

2005 Bushveld Fly in
More pictures at the club web site
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Update on World Jet Masters from Zane

Hi Guys

Here are the static scores for WJM 2005 Individual Class:

1 Günther Sedlmeier Germany Mirage 2000 1421
2 Robert Sedlmeier Germany Mirage 2000 1413.5
3 Thomas Gleissner Germany BAe Hawk MK51 1411.3
4 Angelo Minici Italy MB-339 1389.5
5 Mark Savage South Africa Vampire 1389.3
6 Reto Senn Switzerland F-5 Tiger 1386.5
7 Stephan Voelker Germany BAe Hawk MK51 1383.8
8 Roger Thoma Switzerland F-15 1361
9 Steve Elias England F-100F 1358.3
10 Anton Lamberti Germany F-15 1349.3
11 Martin Forster Switzerland L-159 1345.8
12 Max Ahlman Sweden F-100D 1342.3
13 Glen Roberts South Africa T-33 1337
14 Greg Casson South Africa MiG 29 1335.3
15 David Ribbe USA MiG 15 1323.8
16 Frank Stein Namibia Mirage III CZ 1307
17 Urs Maylander Switzerland L-39 Albatros 1296.8
18 Rod Snyder USA F-100D 1292.5
19 Ali Mashinchy Iran L-39 Albatros 1276.8
20 Philip Avonds Belgium F-16A Thunderbirds 1269.5
21 Scott Harris USA F-86F Sabre 1265
22 Luca Parma Italy Mirage 2000 1261.3
23 Darryl Tarr United Arab Emirates L-39C Albatros 1253
24 Khalid Al-Khater Qatar L-159B 1249
25 Dustin Buescher USA F-86F Sabre 1248.8
26 Gaby Keidar Israel F-15 1238.5
27 Lars Palm Sweden Viggen 1209.8
28 Janos Horvath Hungary L-39 Albatros 1200
29 Jeremy McMillan England L-39 Albatros 1193.3
30 Vasiliy Korotenko Ukraine MiG 29 1192.8
31 Jussi Korolainen Finland CF-18 Hornet 1176.8
32 Steve Brett England Venom 1104.5
33 Avi Ambar Israel Fouga Magister 1080
34 Robert McCartney Northern Ireland DH112 Venom 1004.8
35 Tony Khlaf Sweden FA-22 Raptor 976
36 Lindsay Dickie Scotland Fiat G91 933.7
37 Tommi Vesalo Finland F-86F Sabre 914.8
38 Ian Russell England Eurofighter 908.3
39 Loudan Blair Northern Ireland Miles Student 791.5
40 Victor Stefan Romania F-15 495.8
41 Calin Protopopescu Romania F-15 0

In individual class after the first round of flying the top 10 is: (static and flight one combined)

Pilot Country Plane
1. Thomas Gleissner Germany BAe Hawk MK51
2. Günther Sedlmeier Germany Mirage 2000
3. Robert Sedlmeier Germany Mirage 2000
4. Mark Savage South Africa Vampire T-55
5. Martin Forster Switzerland L-159
6. Steve Elias England F-100F
7. Anton Lamberti Germany F-15
8. Glen Roberts South Africa T-33
9. David Ribbe USA MiG 15
10.Angelo Minici Italy MB-339

Top 10 in open is:

Pilot Country Plane
1. Jon Tappin / Ian Richardson England F-100F
2. Thomas Singer Germany MiG 29
3. Luca De Marchi Italy MB-339
4. Vitaliy Robertus Russia L-39 Albatros
5. Roberto Laghi Italy L-39 Albatros
6. Peter Rütimann Switzerland L-39 ZA
7. Dave Stephens England F-9F5 Panther
8. Franz Walti Switzerland Rafale
9. Alex Lau China - Hong Kong F-100F
10.Marco Bresciani Italy F-15

I have not been able to raise the guys over there today but will update you as soon as I get some news


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