Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

MHSA Nats update -- Johan Sieling


Hi all F3C Pilots, Judges & Enthusiasts,

The following entries have been received to date:

Paul Koekemoer F3C
Henke Beyers F3C
Arney Sieling F3C
Keagan Bester F3C
Rudolf du Toit F3C
Andre' v Huyssteen Class 3
Brett Mayberg Class 3
Wayne Taylor Class 2
Danie Kritzinger Class 2
Bryan Currie Class 2
Eugene Bester Class 1

Entries close Monday 22nd February 2010 @ 17:00

Please prompt pilots to enter in time that have not yet entered.

For F3C there will be a pilot number draw done by the pilots to determine their starting order.

Danny Ralefeta will be the event PRO and he will ensure we get good coverage.

Best regards,

Johan Sieling

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some delay in year end membership renewals -- Bob Skinner

We have experienced an unusually high number of requests for membership renewal over the past 4 weeks & although the office is making every effort to address these, we shall not be able to comply with a two week turnaround. We anticipate the we shall be able to catch up with renewals by middle March 2010 again & turnaround times should return to normal, following which you should please contact the office directly if you do not receive your membership renewal within 2 weeks.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Control Line Nats, entry form and program -- Percy Attfield

Entry Form and Program.

Boland Scale and LSA Championships

Hi All,
The 2010 Boland Open Scale Championship will again be held at BOMAC this year on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of March 2010.
Please encourage your Club Members to participate in this event. Any Pilot with basic proficiency will find this competition easy to paticipate in. As always, BOMAC promises that this event will be a well run, lots of fun two days.
Lots of open space to pitch tents if anybody want to sleep over the Friday and Saturday nights. (No open braaifires - only gas braaing allowed)
Attached, find the entry form. It will be appreciated if you can forward it to your Members. The entry form can also be downloaded from our website.
Thank you in advance,

Nic van Rensburg
Secretary BOMAC
082 700 1856

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday, February 08, 2010

Congratulations SAMAA!

First I would like to congratulate our Chairman, Percy Attfield for being re-elected. The next day our head of the Technical Committee resigned from the committee and three days later (18 January) he announced it on the Sarfly web site. Two days later a Management Committee member commented on his statement and resignation. But wait this is not all! Just 2 weeks later, on the 1st of February SAMAA News was published on the web containing comments from our Chairman about the incident and comments made on Sarfly! This is a historical event: A Committee member commenting on the web about something that happened at a Committee meeting and our Chairman commenting about it in SAMAA News. It’s not long now and we would be seeing our Chairman debating on a RC web site! This may still be a bit farfetched but the fact of matter is that our Management Committee have well and truly accepted Cyber technology.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

MHSA information _Johan Sieling

Find attached the latest MHSA documentation as discussed and updated during last night's MHSA Committee meeting.

See you all at the first comp during which our AGM will also be held - Agenda to follow.

Best regards,

Johan Sieling

Sportsman Pattern: to limit or not to limit? -- Burt Botha replies

Hi Piet

The Committee takes note of the content of your e-mail. It has indeed been decided, after due deliberation, involving regional representatives and following proper procedure, that all previous restrictions (weight, motor) on the Sportsman class will be lifted and that for the 2010/2011 season the F3A restriction will apply to this class. The Committee has also introduced a new class, Novice, where no restrictions of any kind will be imposed. The schedules and descriptions for this new class are already available on the SAMAA web page.

Rest assured that these decisions were not taken lightly and were hotly debated since the 2009 AGM, when the Committee started receiving inputs from pilots all across the country. In this regard several inputs were received from your region. During a judging clinic towards the end of the year these newly proposed classes and rules were presented and discussed. It is regretted that this information did not reach you earlier. We will take this up with the respective representative and I honestly believe that he has the best interest of all classes at heart in your region.

The 2010 MAASA Sporting Code should be available on the SAMAA web page before the end of the week-end and I am sure that once you have had site of the revised code, you will see that the Committee has tried it’s best to accommodate the majority of the pilots in the country. There are some interesting changes to promotion and relegation that will make the flying season more enjoyable for most pilots. We however take cognisance of the fact that we sadly cannot accommodate the feelings and wishes of all pilots in this regard.

Should you require any more detail or clarification on the processes followed, and the reason for removal of the restrictions, please feel free to contact me and I can discuss the detailed processes followed.

Kind regards

Burt Botha


Vice Chairman

Monday, February 01, 2010

SAMAA News -- January 2010

The News link is here.

Sportsman Pattern: to limit or not to limit? -- Pieter le Roux

The local Pattern community have decided to do away with special limitations on planes competing in the sportsman class and all planes would now be governed by FIA rules: 2X2 meters and 5 Kg. Not everyone would be happy with this, me included, mainly because we don’t have a 2X2 to fly with at this stage. I had a look at the rules of other countries and none of them have any special limitations on sportsman planes so this move would put us in line with what been done internationally. Locally there have been huge move from glow fuel engines to electric powered planes by pattern pilots and I can not help but wonder if part of the motivation for this sudden move were to find a market for their obsolete planes?

In the long run I think this is a move for the best. One can now start by flying in the new Novice class and when you feel ready, and can afford it, you can move up to the Sportsman class. Once you have acquired a 2X2 plane you could compete with it up to F3A level. The initial costs would be higher but there would be fewer costs involved when you move up to the next class.

Unfortunately after the decision had been taken by MAASA nobody were prepared to do the necessary paperwork and communicate their decisions to their members. The MAASA Sporting Code clearly states that:

“The MAASA Management Committee reserves the right to amend this Sport Code at any time in consultation with its Regions in order to ensure the Proper management of all MAASA management activities and competitions. Such amendments will come into effect on a date determined by the Management Committee after the circulation to all regions and the Publication of a revised Sporting Code on the MAASA web site.”

The present Sporting Code on the MAASA website for 2008 to 2011 does not reflect any of these amendments so a date can not even be set for these amendments to come into effect. The first competition will take place this weekend and they would have to disallow anything over 4.2 Kg and over a .91 two-stroke or 1.25 four-stroke to keep within the sporting code. To implement these changes later in the season would be “unsporting”, for those Sportsmen that have already changed their planes I can just say: Read the instructions and hope you kept your 90 size.

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