Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MHSA Nats Final Info -- Johan Sieling

Hi All Heli Pilots,

Find attached the directions to Rosslyn Aero Modellers.

Then please note, there was a "Typo" on the entry form under point 5 of the Entry Conditions, the competition will be held on Sunday 9th March 2008 @ RAM and pilots briefing is at 08:00 sharp - no attendance - No fly!

As far as the use of Frequency spots are concerned, each pilot may only use one Freq. spot on the FM Bands and will also be allowed to use 2,4 GHz equipment. This means you may have one chopper on 2,4 GHz and one on say 35,150 but if both your choppers are on 35.XXX the you are allowed only one spot for both - they need to be on the same Freq. Spot.

There will be breakfast, tea and coffee served as from 07:00 and eats and drinks will be available while the competition is in progress.

Please bring you own chairs, umbrellas, Gazebos etc as it is hot on our side of the mountain.

RAM Club Rules to be adhered to at all times. Current SAMAA Membership is mandatory, please have your membership card available to prove this.

Please come and enjoy the days flying at RAM!


Johan Sieling

RAeSSA and SAAF Museum

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Frequency / ICASA update -- Dave Armitage

Hi Guys,
I do have some news but not quite all our problems have been reported back on as yet.

Midrand Soarers field
This has now been declared free of interference. ICASA have in fact done two further surveys and on both occasions there was no 35 MHz interference from the ESKOM site.

Four Wheel Drive Club.
It has been stated verbally to me that these users have now been migrated to 40 MHz as of 31 Dec 2007. I am still awaiting the written confirmation.

George Interference
I have been in contact with the supervisor in charge of monitoring. He advises me that though they are very busy they should be able to get a monitoring vehicle to George very soon. He is not prepared to give a direct date but it will be made known to me very probably next week. I will of course advise Deon and Phillip immediately so personal contact can be made.

2.4 GHz
ICASA have stated that they want all 2.4 GHz equipment coming into the country to be Type Approved by them. I am putting a statement together regarding this fact and will bounce it off the Frequency committee before it is passed out to all dealers and importers, be they SAADA members or not. It will also go into SAMAA News. ICASA are happy to accept other models within a manufacturers range as type approved providing one model has been approved and the manufacturer gives written proof that the transmitting stages are set up to, or are identical to, the original approved equipment
Horizon Hobbies (USA) have forwarded a letter stating that the Spektrum sets made for use in the USA are illegal for use in a whole list of European countries. South Africa tops that list. A copy of this letter will also be forwarded to all dealers and importers. This should happen within the next few days.

Gariep Jet Fly in 4th to 6th July 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Social drinking at flying clubs -- Piet le Roux

I am very disappointed that the letter of Mr. Poalo Ruzzier was published in the previous issue. I thought this letter was very biased and in bad taste. I had read it on the SAMAA blog on December 2007 and had written it off as just over-reation. I don’t normally read the “letters to the Editor” part of SAMAA News because the letters will always “toe the party line “or would be accompanied by a stern reply to enforce it. But my wife did and was disgusted by this letter. She had on numerous occasions enjoyed a sun-downer with us at our field. She was also in charge of the bar during the 2007 Masters. She has newer witnessed any of the pilots behave in the fashion described in this letter. We both feel that the greater majority of the model flying community and South Africans have been insulted and some response by Mr. Ruzzier and yourself would be welcome.

In your reply to this letter Mr. Editor you said:” However it would make life for all of us so much better if, all our clubs were ‘dry’ ”.

Just remember that these clubs belong to their members and not to SAMAA. These members will decide what is acceptable and what is not. The committees of these clubs will deal with anyone misbehaving. It is important that SAMAA respect the independence of these clubs and do not interfere unless its absolutely necessary.

It is important that the editor of any publication should always be objective. I admit that this is not easy, for an opinionated person like me it would be very difficult, but I am not the editor. Just because a letter underlines the present SAMAA policy of no alcohol does not make it is suitable for publication. On the 16/08/2007 I wrote you a letter in reply to articles that were published in the July 2007 issue of SAMAA News. One of the articles contained incorrect information about nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries. You did not publish this letter nor did you publish any corrections.

This letter can still be viewed here.

With this in mind how could you publish Mr Ruzzier’s letter?

Piet le Roux


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oi! Oi! 'ere we go again

The club at which I fly received a request from the SAMAA management committee for a list of its "solo pilots". The ostensible reason is so that this info may be put on the SAMAA membership cards.

Call me paranoid but to me it looks like spurious (perhaps well intentioned), red tape or else conceals another motive. Apart from that, I would have thought that the last thing the SAMAA general manager, or the clubs need, is more admin.

The request is motivated by a suggestion that there are advantages to members:

" reply to the question asked by your members as to "what value" is the proficiency? We would put forward a few possibilities:

a) That a Solo proficiency issued by SAMAA, who are (sic) accepted by both the Aero Club and the Civil Aviation authority as the Sole Co-ordinator of Model Flying in South Africa, must have some influence should there be a dispute or litigation of any kind.

b) Any Club member visiting another club or visitor to Club who has a rating on his card will be accepted and allowed to fly without the embarrassment of proving himself.

c) The value to SAMAA of knowing that its members are rated and competent to fly is immeasurable in the light of its position in the sport in South Africa...."

This doesn't convince me.

What kind of dispute or litigation is envisaged? Both the general manager and the then chairman of the committee have declared that the SAMAA insurance cover does not depend on solo status. In any other matter surely the testimony of fellow pilots and/or club members will carry more weight than an entry on a membership card.

Suppose a member wished to fly at a club where he is not known. Common courtesy indicates that he will approach a responsible person and talk to them. A flight test may or may not then be done. Equally, if an unknown person appears at a club, common sense, rather than an entry on a card should prevail. The card gives no indication of when the person last flew. It could have been years ago.

As for point (c), I don't understand what it means. It is certainly not of benefit to members.

Clubs are the backbone of model flying in SA. For years they have judged whether or not their pilots are safe to fly. The club record here is good. Why change a successful formula? Let clubs get on with it. Even if many do provide the current status of their members will they keep the records up to date? There's no benefit for the club in so doing, it's just a nuisance. What's the point?

I'm in favour of Achievement Schemes. Individual pilots can test their skill against objective criteria. Members view with pride the passing of a test, the badge that follows and the endorsement of their membership card. But it's an individual matter. I'm sure any club would be happy to support a member's application for solo achievement rating. But don't lumber the club with meaningless admin.

As I said, there may be an ulterior motive behind this. If this is so we should be told about it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Flying at Swartkop AFB -- Esther van Wyk Aerosud

Herewith details of the next lecture / demo on Model Aircraft Technology:

Venue: Swartkops AFB

Date: Saturday 1 March 2008

Time: 10h00 for museum activities and exhibits
13h00 for lecture and flying demonstrations
Remainder of afternoon ­ flying various aircraft types

Note that this event is being held in partnership with the SAAF museum who will be flying museum aircraft for most of the morning until 13h00. The emphasis will be on technologies and techniques being used in model construction, and is aimed at everybody who wants to broaden their knowledge base regarding model aircraft.

RSVP ­ Esther van Wyk by 25 February
Fax 012 662 5198

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Low cost Pylon Racing -- Stuart Houston

Hi John

As mentioned I thought we would tell you about a interesting form of Plyon racing that is rapidly gaining popularity at our club (Durban Deep Radio Flyers). The emphasis is on fun and affordability much like the standard quickie class.
The difference is that the Maximum engine size is .15 nitro or 480 glow. The class of aircraft is unlimited but most guys choose to go with the Thunder Tiger simple series Extra 230 which is cheap (R320)
Strong and fast.

The wings are nylon reinforced foam, covered with normal iron on covering. The body is constructed out of 3mm balsa so its quite tough and they can certainly take a beating.
The procedure for flight is fairly simple and quick as the tank size on these little machines is only 2oz. so it’s a takeoff together from which a circuit is immediately entered and a series of 10 figure of 8 laps are flown with the first one back on the ground the winner.

I’ve been flying large scale models for some time and there is always some element of stress about the size and cost of the model involved. With these little machines it has brought a huge amount of fun and laughter to the club again. And the occasional mid air that happens is offset by the fact that most of the time the model can be pick up off the grass and restarted again and flown off as normal

I thought it would be interesting to gauge the interest of other SAMAA members and see if this could perhaps become a new racing division

Stuart Houston

Give Stuart a shout if you are interested

Friday, February 08, 2008

Dirty Tricks

Tim Blackman of The RC Pilot sent in this info:

There is an SMS doing its rounds basically it says , The RC Pilot is being taken over by its suppliers and anyone who has any 2nd hand kits in the shop should remove them immediately.

Our Attorneys have just laid a charge at the SAPS Kempton Park, The SAPS & our attorneys have applied for a section 205 warrant on The Service Provider, The Service Provider risk management section is in the process of supplying the SAPS with details.

The culprit in question has brought a cheap R20.00 sim card and a R50 pay as you go voucher and sent the message via his own registered cell phone. The service provider has married the sim card to "his" Phone and the person will be arrested early next week.

The culprit has also sent the message via a PC. The service provider has also been able via a personal code attached to the message trace the source of the message.

Modellers are requested to laugh this off but it just goes to show what a person will do if he is asked to leave your shop for arguing and becoming aggressive with the shop attendants. If customers are worried they are more than welcome to take their 2nd hand aircraft out the shop until this person is arrested


Don't charge LiPos near radio equipment -- Dave Armitage

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

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