Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Epoxy resin safety -- Craig Goodrum

I got the fright of my life today. Mathew managed to climb on our dining room table where the SLC60 glass bottle was that was won this weekend at the NATAL Champs. The bottle was glass and he broke it, placed his hand in the hardener then on his mouth.
We still are not sure how much went inside but the stuff is pure poison and the reaction with his lip has caused it to swell and the skin to peel off.

A few things are important to note:

- Keep your resin's far away from the reach of the kids
- if someone does get the resin in them then the typical solution is NOT to induce vommiting but rather drink lots of water or milk (this is for epoxy hardeners) but always get an MSDS (material safety data sheet) for these things as the guidelines are in there. Get to the hospital as soon as possible!
- Flush surface skin contact with water for 15 minutes.
- Don't store resin in glass containers if possible - more easily broken.
- Love life while you can - you don't know what lies in waiting around the next corner.

I advise you all to read the MSDS for whatever resins you are using so that you know what to do in case of emergency and also have them handy wherever you work.

Wishing you all well


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A cautionary tale from Louis

With Father's Day approaching it thought it appropriate to buy myself a JR 9X II. Phoned around, average price varies between R4800 and R5000. Some joker even quoted me R5600. An out-of town crowd quoted R4350 and since I was going in that direction for business I popped in and collected the set. Beforehand I was assured that it is the synthesized type, latest software, not soon to be replaced by JR and ultimately blessed by the local sangoma. Since these people place regular advertisements in SAMAA News I had no suspicion in my heart at all. Besides, hobbyists are usually decent honest people.

On reaching home and studying the manual I discovered that the synthesized receiver was replaced by a crystal-based PCM unit. JK Products confirmed that the set was indeed shipped with a synthesized receiver and if the hobbyshop replaced it with a crystal-based unit "it is out of our control". On inquiring at the hobbyshop I was told that this is the reason for the good price. I acknowledged the fact that the box was opened and shown to me in the shop but what do I know about synthesized TX and Rx units? Besides, I wrongly relied on the said hobbyshop to serve me with good advice.

In the end I paid in an additional R150, drove the 200km roundtrip from Jhb and paid R13.60 in toll fees to upgrade the crystal-based RX to a synthesized Rx. True, I am at fault for not thoroughly inspecting the set but the hobbyshop left a bitter taste in my mouth - even the spec sheet in the manual referred to the synthesized Rx. I felt cheated in the end since a local shop quoted me R4500.

Bottomline: not all hobbyshops are evil seekers of evasive profits but be careful - check the servo types, Tx & Rx battery capacities, switch and receiver thoroughly. Even check the box (packaging) for dents. Don't let the momentous occasion of looking at the set for the first time blind you like it did me. Be assertive because some unscrupulous hobbyshops will swop out components in your set for lesser units.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Great Bushveld Fly In 2006 -- Martin van Tonder

The date for this event was mistakenly given as 29 / 30 June in SAMAA News. In fact it should be 29 / 30 JULY.
For more info get in touch with either Noel Booysen on 082 921 2711 or Martin Erasmus on 083 628 6114.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Aerobatics Clinic -- Andre' Stockwell

MAASA is busy with a process of improving the standard of judging and flying.

Judges, pilots and officials are invited to participate in a clinic where we can get back to basics, gain a better understanding of what the judges are looking for and improve interaction between pilots and judges.

Bob Skinner will also assist during the clinic and he will give us first-hand feedback on the practical interpretation of the rules.

The contest after the clinic will be used to apply what was discussed at the clinic and to align the theory with reality.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Please bring your own chair as seating may be limited.

See the details from Ivan.

We would like to thank Ivan for taking the initiative in arranging this event.

A similar clinic will be held in the Cape. Detail to follow soon.

See you ALL there.

Kind regards


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Erratic behavior of the SAMAA web site.

The SAMAA web site has behaved in an erratic way over the last few days. At first it was not available, then all that you could see was an old version.

I have finally got to the bottom of what went wrong and everything should be back to normal early in the week.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

SAMAA membership subscription fee

Members and prospective members are asked to note that the membership subscription fee for ordinary members has increased to R210 (from R200) with effect from 1st May 2006. Unfortunately this change was not made in the May-issue of SAMAA News.

If you renew your membership electronically, please use a reference that we can identify. Too many entries simply read "Subs", or "Renewal". In these cases We cannot match the payment to a member. Preferably use your surname and membership number, like: "Jorrisson - 2569".

If you are a new member making a payment electronically, use a descriptor like "PJ Geyser - new member".


Marietjie Skinner

Membership form here (pdf)

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