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Irene Radio Flyers Fly In 'Warbirds and all" -- Andre Kilian

Irene Radio Flyers has traditionally had a very strong contingent of members that love their warbirds, and we are planning to have a fly-in in which we want to encourage SAMAA registered RC pilots to bring their warbirds and come and enjoy a day with us at our newly extended and resurfaced runways.

Although we want to encourage the guys to bring their warbirds to stimulate interest in this aspect of the hobby, we will welcome "All that flies" at the event as we also want to show the public the variety of models that are available and introduce the public to our hobby!


Andre Kilian  

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Second SA annual electric indoor aerobatic challenge

Here are:
Bulletin number 1
Masters' schedules
Sportsmans' schedules.

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SAMAA News -- December 2010 issue

The December 2010 issue is on the web site.
Note: We need to reduce the web traffic from News downloads.
This is a zipped pdf version without advertising.

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Models for sale

It never has been, nor is it now, the editorial policy of this BLOG to advertise personal items.
However Bob Skinner has asked me to post the following:

Hi John

Bob said you would be able to put these planes on the SAMAA blog that my Dad wants to sell due to scaling down for health reasons. I have attached a PDF document with all the relevant info and pics.


Alan Fine

To avoid any misunderstanding in future please note that I shall not make any further exceptions.

Friday, October 29, 2010

SAMAA AGM postponed -- Bob Skinner

The SAMAA AGM has been postponed to Thursday 13 Jan 2011.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 2.4 GHz saga (South African edition)

I have been observing the 2.4GHz radio debacle with interest and amusement. I hoped that SAMAA would keep its nose well clear of this hornets nest aspect of ICASA rules and regulations and would stay focused on the interests of their members, even if it meant ignoring certain irrelevant, unpractical, and in its present form, unimplementable regulations that has no benefit for members, their safety or protecting the radio spectrum. After reading Allen Fraser’s report I have a few comments.

First let’s make a correction. The term used by Allen:

“100 milliwatt and 20-dBm gain (radiated power)”

Do not make sense. I don’t know if this is the way that it was defined in ICASA’s regulations but if that is the case the regulation is null and void to begin with.

I presume that it should have read:

“20dBm (100 milliwatt) effective radiated Power”

ICASA rates transmitter output in terms of dBm (dB milliwatt) this means that the output is compared to a transmitter with an output of 1 milliwatt (1/1000 of a watt) and the difference is expressed in dB. 1 milliwatt is 0 dBm and 20 dBm is 100 times one milliwatt thus 100 milliwatt. The decibel is typically used to indicate the gain of an antenna but in this case I don’t know why the “gain” was added. Effective Radiated Power or ERP is a term used to indicate the power of a transmitter after the gain (effectiveness) of its antenna has been taken into account. For example : if an transmitter has a output of 20 dBm and connected to a 1/4 wave antenna that has 0 dB gain the effective radiated power would be 20dBm + 0dB =20dBm or 100 milliwatt. If a 20dBm transmitter has an antenna with a 3dB gain its ERP will be 20dBm + 3dB=23dBm or 200 milliwatt

If you could double the power of your model plane’s engine the effect would be dramatic but not so when it comes to radio transmitters and thus it is referred to as a gain of only 3dB and has little effect in practice. But in this case it could mean the difference of being a criminal or not, suffering significant financial loss or not.

Measuring the power output of transmitters operating above 1000 MHz (1GHz) accurately are very difficult but measuring the ERP of any handheld transmitters accurately are imposable. At best it would be a calculated guess, not something that would stand up in court. But ERP is not only determent by power output but also by antenna efficiency. A 1\4-wavelength antenna is considered to have 0-db gain, for 2.4 GHz this would be a whip type antenna that’s only about 3 cm long. All type approved 2.4 GHz transmitters have antennas longer than this and are probably 3\4 or 5\4 wavelength long with a calculated gain of more than 3dB and thus a calculated ERP of more than 200 milliwatt!(23 dBm).This makes the regulation a contradiction in terms.

The American 200 milliwatt radio’s that is being referred to, in the report, all carry a FCC certification which is much more stringent than any regulation that ICASA can think of or maintain. I would not agree with the use of any equipment that operates outside our allocated frequencies like for instance 75 MHz FCC certified equipment but in the case of 2.4 GHz it poses no danger and there is no reason that it should affect the SAMAA insurance.

ICASA’s main purpose is to serve the people and protect their communications interests. But like other parastatals (they should really drop the “I”) they have become top-heavy and incompetent. The 2.4 GHz spectrum is under great threat from wireless networks. But they never seem to have the situation under control. In this regard they absolutely will not act against government departments and seems reluctant to tackle big business especially if it involves BEE, instead they go after soft targets like RC pilots. I recently attended a SSE (Specialist System Engineering) road show. This company supply, among other things, telemetry networks that can work without a licence on the 2.4 GHz band. The radios that they supply with these systems have been “type approved” by ICASA and have a power output of 200 milliwatt. The output can be decreased or increased, via a computer interface, if the client requests it. So far only one client has insisted that the output should be decreased to 100 milliwatt ERP. When I asked about possible action from ICASA I was told that ICASA does not care about this band and will not take any action, especially if it involves government or semi-government departments. ICASA must self generate a certain amount of their funds and some of this must have been obtained via the thousands of type approvals that they sell for R4000 every month. I suppose if SAMAA were prepared to pay enough, ICASA would also “type approve” the American 2012 Glider team’s 2.4 GHz radios. This would also solve any insurance problems with FCC type 2.4 GHz radios that were sold by some “recognized dealers” in the past and the ones that were imported by individuals

Best regards,
Piet le Roux

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Czech AeroMusicals -- Percy Attfield

Dear FAI News Reader, 

Czech AeroMusicals pilot and competitor Martin Hauk is creating a stir on Talentmania, the talent show of TV Nova, the most popular Czech TV channel, and Markiza, a Slovak TV channel.

Last Saturday, FAI competitor Hauk amazed the judges and millions of spectators with a hit F3A flying performance that allowed him to win the semi-final.

Thanks to him, many people discovered Aeromusicals, a spectacular discipline which combines agility and artistic feeling.

The semi-final full video shows the opponents presentation and performances. It is nice to see that spectators preferred the AeroMusicals presentation to the "traditional" dance act !

To win the Grand Prize on Sunday, Hauk will have to once again rock the show and come out with a flawless performance. The FAI wishes him the best !

Semi-final full video:

Kind regards,


Faustine CARRERA
Communication Manager

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Av. Mon-Repos 24
CH-1005 Lausanne

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jet Nationals postponed -- Johan Ehlers

Please note that the SAMJA Jet Nationals, scheduled for the 16th and 17th of October 2010 at Swartkop AFB, has been postponed until further notice.

Johan Ehlers
Chairman, SAMJA "

2010 Indoor Catapult Launched Glider Challenge -- John Monk

The rules are here. (pdf)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

2010 KZN C/L Champs -- Keith Renecle

The rest of Keith's report is here (2M pdf), and the results are here.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flying 2.4GHz Radio Control Systems: Latest Report -- Allen Fraser

In the July- August 2010 SAMAA Newsletter we informed SAMAA members that all 2.4 GHz radio control equipment operating in South Africa must comply with technical specifications determined by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa's (ICASA) and  that type approval was necessary for  all 2.4GHz  radio control systems  imported into  the country.

After more discussion with ICASA we are pleased to confirm that all 2.4GHz radio control equipment with a maximum output of 100 milliwatt and 20-dBm gain (radiated power), is legal to fly in South Africa. The SAMAA insurance claims will therefore be valid on all sets conforming to the 100 milliwatt specification.

Equipment exceeding the ICASA specification, like some imports from America with an output of 200 milliwatt, do not comply with specification and are considered to be illegal by ICASA, and as such can be confiscated by ICASA and the user prosecuted. It may also impact on the SAMAA insurance in case of an accident claim.

Please note, this is an ICASA ruling and we respectfully request all SAMAA members to adhere to this ruling.  The United States of America  is the only country that we are aware of that have adopted the 200 milliwatt limit and not all their equipment is at 200 milliwatt that is why we stress some imports.

Of importance to our members, is that during a recent meeting between ICASA and the South African Revenue Services it was decided that, individuals may import five of an item at one time or one of an item five times per year without needing to obtain or produce type approval for 2.4 GHz radio control equipment used exclusively for models provided they conform with ICASA's 100 milliwatt and 20-dBm gain specification.

Anyone importing  more than five of a item at one  time or during the year must apply for type approval at a cost of R4,000 per set. Type approval stickers are available from ICASA to distributors who have type approval certificates. Note, the ICASA issues over a thousand type approvals per month for an assortment of electronic communication appliances and they have informed SAMAA that it is impossible for ICASA to inform the SAMAA which importer were granted type approval for 2.4GHz radio control equipment used  exclusively for models.  Dealers and importers will therefore, in future have to inform the SAMAA of their type approval for publication in the newsletter & to enable advertising of type approved radio sets.

Whilst not conclusive, independent tests conducted have shown that equipment with dissimilar outputs of 10 to 200 milliwatt, operate harmoniously together. The set with the lower output will not experience interference, but will have a reduced range in comparison to the greater powered sets.

To ensure compliance with ICASA's specifications, SAMAA recommends that members obtain 2.4 GHz radio control equipment from recognized dealers in  South Africa, that stock ICASA approved sets with type approval stickers attached to them. This will be a 100% guarantee that the equipment conforms to ICASA specifications and is legal. Members that have purchased sets from registered dealers without type approval stickers need to apply for their ICASA stickers from the original dealer. Please notice that members purchasing sets without ICASA type approval assume responsibility for ensuring that their equipment conforms to the required ICASA specifications.

Also note that the SAMAA recommendation of a maximum of six aircraft flown in circuit simultaneously is not for technical reasons; it is simply a safety recommendation for Clubs and is equally applicable to any other approved radio frequency.

Please don't hesitate to send me an email at  should you need more information.

Allen Fraser

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Helicopters 3D Masters Competition Postponement Notice -- Cilliers van Niekerk

Hi Guys,

Notice is hereby given that the  Helicopter 3D Master Competition scheduled for Sunday 12 September is postponed.  Unfortunately due to demolishment’s at NERF over the last week the facility is no longer usable. This combined with the low number of entries received by the due date led to the decision  to rather postpone the competition to a later date.  The new date and venue will be advised as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards

Cilliers van  Niekerk

Monday, August 30, 2010

White Hills Radio Flyers Swop Meet 4 September 2010


The WHRF club asked me to post notice of the SWOP MEET/BOOT SALE scheduled from 09h00 on Saturday 4 September 2010 at WHRF.  Please see for directions to the field.

Traditionally, RC modellers excel at accumulating "projects", "stuff", "bit's-n'-pieces", "tools", and various "just in case" items which ensure that dust is not deposited on shelves/cupboards.  With the weather changing towards flyable again, now is the time to clear out the old (to make room for the new).  Join us at WHRF on 4 September 2010 from 09h00 for a fun day where you can meet with like minded RC modellers keen to trade some of their accumulated "stuff" or sell this at real bargain basement prices.  Some LHS will also have stalls with both 2nd hand & new items in stock.

Entry, parking & stalls are 100% free, i.e. gratis, no charge, no insurance required, but you'll need to get there early to snap up the bargains. Please bring your own shade, table & chairs and since the event is self catering, you might require snacks & drinks too.  Braai fires will be made available from 12h00 onwards (also for free!).

The WHRF field will be available for flying so why not bring an airworthy model along too (but, of course you will need an indate SAMAA card to fly)!

Lionel Brink 


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reminder of the Rosendal Slope Weekend (10 to 12 Sept) -- Grobbie Grobler

Haai julle .
              Nou ja dit is weer sulke tyd . Ons is 5 wat al daar
sal wees vanaf Vrydag die 3de Sept . Laat weet my .
                    Grobbie . 

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Junior F3J team wins Bronze in France -- Percy Attfield

Our Junior Glider Team achieved a Bronze medal at the F3J World Champs in France.  In addition one of the juniors, Jason Webber, is participating in the fly off today.

They arrive back in SA on Monday 9 August at 9:45 Air France.

Update: The Croatia protest was upheld and the Juniors were dropped to 4th  place

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SAMAA News Jyly / August 2010 issue

The July / August 2010 issue is now on the web page.

Friday, July 16, 2010

ArcelorMittal Saldanha Radio Control Club will be presenting its annual Spring Fly-In at Tiekosklip 21st & 22nd August

The ArcelorMittal Saldanha Radio Control Club will be presenting its annual Spring Fly-In at Tiekosklip Runway near Langebaan on the 21st & 22nd August 2010. The tarred runway is 140m long and 9m wide with at least 10m gravel runoff on each end. The runway surface has just been resurfaced and is in perfect condition. (Jets have flown at Tiekosklip.) The Pit area has been enlarged to accommodate more planes. Safety and control at the runway has been improved.
The Spring Fly-In has specifically been planned for the end of August each year due to the generally good weather and the magnificent display of West Coast Wild flowers this time of the year. This is the ideal venue for all RC enthusiasts. (We also have a winch for the glider pilots.)
Bring your family and friends along.
RC Hobby shops are most welcome to erect stalls, advertise and sell their products. Food and beverages will be sold during the Fly-In. There is ample accommodation, ranging from economical camping to expensive luxury suites which can be arranged in Langebaan area not far from Tiekosklip.
Please note that AMSRCC is SAMAA registered and accordingly only registered pilots will be permitted to fly.
Please contact one of us as soon as possible for more information or if you want to attend the Spring Fly-In.
Herman Wiehahn 0834481248, John Bowls 0826629883 or Dave Allam

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update on Oudtshoorn Scale and news of a new local magazine from Hekkie Fourie

Oudtshoorn Scale runs from 23rd to 26th September.
Come and enjoy 4 days of flying, chatting with old friends and making new ones, eating etc.
Entry fee is R100-00 and the first 100 pilots who register and pay their fees, will receive a "Goody Bag" filled with usefull gifts.
Late registrations will be accepted but will not qualify for the " Goody Bags".
For registration forms and further info visit our web site.


Traplet Publications now has offices in four continents, with its home base in the UK , sales offices both in the United States and Australia and now an office based in Oudtshoorn South Africa. The launch of this magazine is both challenging and very exciting as it is dedicated to its own Southern African market.

Every issue of this 68-page bi-monthly modelling magazine is packed with informative and exciting features on the best in R/C action: R/C Planes . R/C Helicopters . R/C Cars . R/C Boats.

The on sale date is 27th July 2010 and the price is R39-95.

We will shortly be introducing many of the very popular items that we sell around the world, including the wide range of DVDs, our extensive range of modelling plans and wood packs, both for aircraft and boats, and many of the books we publish. Where possible we intend to supply these from stock at our office in Oudtshoorn.

For more information please contact: Office Landline: (044) 272 5978. Mobile: 072 903 1325. Or Michaelle De Villiers at: Landline: (044) 272 4242, Mobile: 072 854 9997.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Irene Radio Flyers Fly-In / Open Day -- 26 June 2010

Irene Radio Flying club is hosting a Fly-in and open day to the public and would like to invite everybody to come and enjoy the day with us. There will be small aircraft, civilian and military scale aircraft, formation flying with large scale aerobatic aircraft, helicopters and much more. For the hungry pilots and the public there will be cash food stalls with refreshments available.

All Hobby shops and sellers are welcome to display and demo their goods to the interested buyers.

We would like to start this event on the 26th June 2010 at 09h30 at our our club in Irene, Centurion home of the Irene Radio Flyers. All interested pilots, hobby shops and sellers please contact Theo for the reservation and finalization of the program.

For more info contact Theo
Number: 074 260 4868

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

FIFA World Cup -- update from Lionel

Hio John,
For the SAMAA BLOG please:
This is probably focussed on full size activities as the 50Nm affects them far more during the entire WC, than our 5 Nm RC ban around stadiums only on match days!
Sent: 02 June 2010 12:29 PM
To: ....
Subject: Fw: Please send out to all section heads and relevant members of your respective associations
Importance: High
Good day All pilots, aircraft owners and interested parties. Col. Renee Miller from the SAAF has kindly asked me to advertise the following:
The SAAF would like to invite all interested parties from GA and sport recreation aviation to a briefing
Briefing topic: Flying during the FIFA SOCCER World Cup in the Gauteng region.
This will be held at the:
Venue: Water Kloof Air Force base at the Waterkloof Movement.
Date: 3rd June 2010
Time: 19h00 Bravo time.
They will be giving guidelines regarding all matters pertinent to flying during the FIFA Soccer World Cup.
Kind regards,
Kev Storie
General Manager

Note: More info below in the BLOG

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Update from Percy on World Cup flying restrictions

I received a message during the weekend to request a meeting in this week with General Mark Hankel of Criminal Intelligence to make sure that we are aware of the seriousness of complying with their guidelines.

The message is that they will take whatever action they deem fit in respect of model pilots that ignore the security guidelines and in respect to the models involved in such a breach.

I referred him to Colonel De Villiers and to our Web site.


Note: you can find here details of what clubs are affected and when.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


According to a Notam received from OC Waterkloof Air Force Base, no flying activity on a SAAF facility within a 50 kilometer radius of a soccer stadium will be allowed on the day that a World Cup Soccer Match is played at the stadium. This includes radio control flying.
When this was told to me by Lt-Col Clive Shepherd at the Museum I knew that there was no way to fight this.
I immediately asked for new dates and the WARBIRDS 2010 will be on the 31st July and the turbine meeting on the 1st Aug 2010 at Swartkop Air Force Base.

Gert de Klerk

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flying restrictions during FIFA World Cup -- update from Lionel Brink

Hi Everyone,
Please be advised that the CAA have issued a Security Notice that will restrict RC flying during the 2010 WC. SAMAA have confirmed that this is only applicable to RC fields/sites that are within 5 NM radius of stadiums & on those days that matches are scheduled at the specific stadium. For any further information, please feel free to contact Bob at the SAMAA office.
Attached below the letter that will be forwarded to affected clubs as well as the list of sites/dates affected in PDF format.
Lionel Brink


Dear club administrators

You are no doubt aware of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, and that the government needs to provide security during this event. This responsibility has been delegated to the SA Police Services, who are collaborating with the SA Air Force, to ensure security of airspace. Obviously, this is going to have an impact on our activities, but only at a few clubs within the specified 5NM distance of the various stadiums.

The SAMAA has been in consultation with the SA Aero Club, and the SA Air Force. I attach the AIRAC AIP Supplement S/044/10 dated 6th May. (Aeronautical Information Publication), as well as the information brochure issued by the SA Air Force (Col Elma de Villiers). At the bottom of this message, is a reply from Col de Villiers. The ruling given to SAMAA, is that the clubs affected may not allow their members to fly at the affected fields/flying sites, on the day of the matches in that area. The attached Excel Workbook gives a clear layout of the clubs affected.

Worst affected is the Pretoria Military RC Flying Club, which only operates on a Wednesday afternoon, and for two weeks in a row, they will not be allowed to operate. Maybe an approach can be made to Pretoria Radio Flyers for use of their facilities on these two days. Next worst affected are the four Durban sites within the 5 nautical mile radius of the Moses Mabhida Stadium, and for Sunday 13th June and Saturday 19th June, they will not be allowed to operate. Capricorn Radio Model Flying Club in Polokwane is affected on Sunday 13th June.

This is on the assumption that most clubs operate on weekends, but please look at the matrix and advise all your members that flying is prohibited on the days of the matches, for those clubs within a 5 nautical mile radius from the stadia. The exception is the Johannesburg area, where an oval of 3.5nm radius covers Soccer City and Ellis Park, but none of our clubs are within this area.

Contact me if anything is unclear. Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
Best regards and safe flying

Bob Skinner
General Manager: SA Model Aircraft Association
PO Box 7116, Bonaero Park 1622
Tel 0119733679 fax 0866078733

-----Original Message-----
From: Elma De Villiers
Sent: 11 May 2010 07:26 AM


The major restriction that we are concerned about is the 5NM around each stadium and definitely we will not allow radio controlled operations in that area. Some updated information; I have just discussed this with my commander, and he confirmed that we will not allow any flights inside the 5NM area. But we have now decided that there is no need for your members to apply for SSCs, unless they are participating in a special event that might infringe on the 5 NM.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 SA Jet Masters -- Dave Armitage

The 2010 SA Jet Masters will take place at Swartkop Air Force base over the weekend of the 22nd 23rd May
This event is part of the qualifying process for the SA Team to go to the USA in 2011
All the top local models and pilots will be there
Flying starts at 10h00 on Saturday
Refreshments will be available and parking will be on the base
All proceeds go to The SA Airforce Museum

Friday, April 30, 2010

Possible restriction of model flying during World Cup

Lionel Brink posted this note on the MGA list today.

Hi everyone,
Please be advised that the CAA have issued notice of airspace restrictions that could affect RC flying.  This appears to be limited to airspaces within 5 NM of the stadiums were 2010 WC matches are scheduled to be held.  The full document can be found on the CAA's web site.
From Bob Skinner: "SAMAA management is in consultation with CAA, RAASA, Aero Club, SAAF, and SAPS. It might not be as bad as the first reactions. We will issue a communique as soon as facts have been established. Two issues are important: air safety during WC period (50nm radius), and stadium safety during matches (5nm radius). Authorities have allowed for relaxation/exemption, especially for scheduled competitions.

More information to follow."

Lionel Brink
Chairman: Model Glider Association

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Scale Nats dates -- Johan Ehlers

Please note that the Scale Nats will now run from 1 to 2 May.

Monday, April 05, 2010

2010 Control Line Nats -- Keith Renecle

The Nats was held once again at Barnstormers Model Flying Club this year, and we had a good
entry of 17 competitors. This is slowly getting back to the numbers that we had some years ago
at the old Northern Circle Burners site. The weather was good and everything was going
smoothly to plan and then the unthinkable happened. The father of one of our competitors, who
had allegedly driven through a stop sign on a quiet nearby road, was chased by the local Metro
police into the Barnstormers ground where they shot up his car and all the tyres out. Fearing
for his life, he managed to get to the parking area where there were many people. He was then
manhandled very badly by the Metro cops and bashed into a police van. By this time there
were 11 police vehicles on the site, together with an estimated 30 plus officers. All of this for
an unarmed 53 year old man who had allegedly skipped a stop sign! Some of us tried in vain to
stop the cops mistreating our friend. They were like a pack of absolute savages, and we were
all threatened with arrest if we said anything to them.

Complete report here in pdf form.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Western Province Aerobatic Champs

SUNGAZER SCALE SLOPE SOARING FESTIVAL 24th to 27th April 2010 Tamatieberg Volksrust

Pre-Entry R100
Valid Samaa pilots
Scale gliders only.
Please contact Mike @ 011-794-4444 or 082-444-0250 to enter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Scale Nats

Note, Nats dates moved to 1 and 2 May

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hi Everybody

Once again the Fly –In of the year for the Free State. The Central Fly –In not to be missed.

Two runways 150 meters x 8 meters specially build by Tobie for Jets and with in 100 meters next to the runway a beautiful dam to do Float Flying.

Sleep over on site with hot water so bring your tent or Caravan, Sleep over on site will be free.

Last year we had 42 entries with great flying. This year the prizes are even better and bigger.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends to help us to make this even one event not to be missed, we are in the middle of the country. There will be pilots from Joburg, Upington and Oudshoorn.

We need to see as much Large Scale, Jets, Float Flyers, Speed bouts, Night Flying, 3 D Flying, War birds and Scale planes for the weekend.

Please come and show off and enjoy the weekend with us.

Love to see you there!

Attached the invite and entry. Entry form specially made for friend and make sure to bring him with.

Safe Flying, Regards

Wynand Swart

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

MHSA Nats update -- Johan Sieling


Hi all F3C Pilots, Judges & Enthusiasts,

The following entries have been received to date:

Paul Koekemoer F3C
Henke Beyers F3C
Arney Sieling F3C
Keagan Bester F3C
Rudolf du Toit F3C
Andre' v Huyssteen Class 3
Brett Mayberg Class 3
Wayne Taylor Class 2
Danie Kritzinger Class 2
Bryan Currie Class 2
Eugene Bester Class 1

Entries close Monday 22nd February 2010 @ 17:00

Please prompt pilots to enter in time that have not yet entered.

For F3C there will be a pilot number draw done by the pilots to determine their starting order.

Danny Ralefeta will be the event PRO and he will ensure we get good coverage.

Best regards,

Johan Sieling

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some delay in year end membership renewals -- Bob Skinner

We have experienced an unusually high number of requests for membership renewal over the past 4 weeks & although the office is making every effort to address these, we shall not be able to comply with a two week turnaround. We anticipate the we shall be able to catch up with renewals by middle March 2010 again & turnaround times should return to normal, following which you should please contact the office directly if you do not receive your membership renewal within 2 weeks.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Control Line Nats, entry form and program -- Percy Attfield

Entry Form and Program.

Boland Scale and LSA Championships

Hi All,
The 2010 Boland Open Scale Championship will again be held at BOMAC this year on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of March 2010.
Please encourage your Club Members to participate in this event. Any Pilot with basic proficiency will find this competition easy to paticipate in. As always, BOMAC promises that this event will be a well run, lots of fun two days.
Lots of open space to pitch tents if anybody want to sleep over the Friday and Saturday nights. (No open braaifires - only gas braaing allowed)
Attached, find the entry form. It will be appreciated if you can forward it to your Members. The entry form can also be downloaded from our website.
Thank you in advance,

Nic van Rensburg
Secretary BOMAC
082 700 1856

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday, February 08, 2010

Congratulations SAMAA!

First I would like to congratulate our Chairman, Percy Attfield for being re-elected. The next day our head of the Technical Committee resigned from the committee and three days later (18 January) he announced it on the Sarfly web site. Two days later a Management Committee member commented on his statement and resignation. But wait this is not all! Just 2 weeks later, on the 1st of February SAMAA News was published on the web containing comments from our Chairman about the incident and comments made on Sarfly! This is a historical event: A Committee member commenting on the web about something that happened at a Committee meeting and our Chairman commenting about it in SAMAA News. It’s not long now and we would be seeing our Chairman debating on a RC web site! This may still be a bit farfetched but the fact of matter is that our Management Committee have well and truly accepted Cyber technology.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

MHSA information _Johan Sieling

Find attached the latest MHSA documentation as discussed and updated during last night's MHSA Committee meeting.

See you all at the first comp during which our AGM will also be held - Agenda to follow.

Best regards,

Johan Sieling

Sportsman Pattern: to limit or not to limit? -- Burt Botha replies

Hi Piet

The Committee takes note of the content of your e-mail. It has indeed been decided, after due deliberation, involving regional representatives and following proper procedure, that all previous restrictions (weight, motor) on the Sportsman class will be lifted and that for the 2010/2011 season the F3A restriction will apply to this class. The Committee has also introduced a new class, Novice, where no restrictions of any kind will be imposed. The schedules and descriptions for this new class are already available on the SAMAA web page.

Rest assured that these decisions were not taken lightly and were hotly debated since the 2009 AGM, when the Committee started receiving inputs from pilots all across the country. In this regard several inputs were received from your region. During a judging clinic towards the end of the year these newly proposed classes and rules were presented and discussed. It is regretted that this information did not reach you earlier. We will take this up with the respective representative and I honestly believe that he has the best interest of all classes at heart in your region.

The 2010 MAASA Sporting Code should be available on the SAMAA web page before the end of the week-end and I am sure that once you have had site of the revised code, you will see that the Committee has tried it’s best to accommodate the majority of the pilots in the country. There are some interesting changes to promotion and relegation that will make the flying season more enjoyable for most pilots. We however take cognisance of the fact that we sadly cannot accommodate the feelings and wishes of all pilots in this regard.

Should you require any more detail or clarification on the processes followed, and the reason for removal of the restrictions, please feel free to contact me and I can discuss the detailed processes followed.

Kind regards

Burt Botha


Vice Chairman

Monday, February 01, 2010

SAMAA News -- January 2010

The News link is here.

Sportsman Pattern: to limit or not to limit? -- Pieter le Roux

The local Pattern community have decided to do away with special limitations on planes competing in the sportsman class and all planes would now be governed by FIA rules: 2X2 meters and 5 Kg. Not everyone would be happy with this, me included, mainly because we don’t have a 2X2 to fly with at this stage. I had a look at the rules of other countries and none of them have any special limitations on sportsman planes so this move would put us in line with what been done internationally. Locally there have been huge move from glow fuel engines to electric powered planes by pattern pilots and I can not help but wonder if part of the motivation for this sudden move were to find a market for their obsolete planes?

In the long run I think this is a move for the best. One can now start by flying in the new Novice class and when you feel ready, and can afford it, you can move up to the Sportsman class. Once you have acquired a 2X2 plane you could compete with it up to F3A level. The initial costs would be higher but there would be fewer costs involved when you move up to the next class.

Unfortunately after the decision had been taken by MAASA nobody were prepared to do the necessary paperwork and communicate their decisions to their members. The MAASA Sporting Code clearly states that:

“The MAASA Management Committee reserves the right to amend this Sport Code at any time in consultation with its Regions in order to ensure the Proper management of all MAASA management activities and competitions. Such amendments will come into effect on a date determined by the Management Committee after the circulation to all regions and the Publication of a revised Sporting Code on the MAASA web site.”

The present Sporting Code on the MAASA website for 2008 to 2011 does not reflect any of these amendments so a date can not even be set for these amendments to come into effect. The first competition will take place this weekend and they would have to disallow anything over 4.2 Kg and over a .91 two-stroke or 1.25 four-stroke to keep within the sporting code. To implement these changes later in the season would be “unsporting”, for those Sportsmen that have already changed their planes I can just say: Read the instructions and hope you kept your 90 size.

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Indoor Aerobatic Challenge

Here's a clip of scenes from the first aerobatic challenge held in Pretoria. Aerobatics wasn't the only challenge. The lighting and acoustics in the hall were a challenge for my camcorder, hence the dodgy sound and video. But a least this gives you an idea. For me it was a whole new way of flying -- most impressive.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gliding Postal Challenge -- Gert Nieuwoudt

The postal gliding challenge is the ideal introductory competition for any
RC pilot with a glider hanging somewhere in the garage roof. You may fly
with any model as it will be categorised according to wingspan size and type
of controls. The pilot is also categorised as Senior, Junior, or a Rooky who
tries this event for the first time. It works as follows: You fly five 6
minute flights at your own field. (See the rules attached for scoring). The
results from all the different clubs are sent via e-mail to the
administrator who keeps and publishes a national postals ranking list. This
year an additional challenge was introduced by the MGA with a
prize to the
winning club
. The club that enters and flys the most 2m glider models with the
highest total score during the year will receive a Tshotsi 2m glider as
prize (the ideal trainer and development tool). For more information please
contact Gert Nieuwoudt 0824610027 or visit the MGA
blog site at

Gert Nieuwoudt

Rules here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gariep 2010 entry form -- Boet Denyscchen

The Aeronautical Society Indoor Model Aviation Challenge -- John Monk

The Aeronautical Society of South Africa has kindly given permission to post thei report on the BLOG:

It was decided in 2008 that the Society organize an aeronautical event as a challenge to its members and other aeronautical enthusiasts to participate in which after some careful thought resulted in a challenge involving model aircraft. The event was intended as a fun competition to encourage interest in both aviation and aeronautics amongst learners and students although there was no age limit. It took place in the 28 Squadron hangar at Waterkloof Air Force Base on the 18th September 2009.

The competition was split into two parts, free flight glider competition and an indoor radio controlled model aircraft competition. Both competitions had two prime objectives, and that was to demonstrate designs that could operate at two extremes of the flight envelope. For the gliders it was to demonstrate flight distance and also endurance, thus the combination of flying the furthest and also the longest would win the day. Similarly the radio control models had to demonstrate the fastest possible flight over a racecourse pattern and then do the same as slow as possible, all with no airframe changes being allowed other than trim.... more here,

Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 North West Aerobatic Championships Entry Form -- Quintin Schroll




6th & 7th February 2010






MY NAME IS: _______________________________________________________

MY FREQUENCY IS: ___________________________________________________

MY CELL NUMBER IS: __________________________________________________

MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS: ________________________________________________

TOTAL DUE R200.00 + EXTRA BRAAI PACK = R____________









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