Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inter-varsity Low Speed Challenge -- updated rules

The latest rules are here.

World Jet Masters 2011, Green County, Dayton, Ohio.

Dear Members, Friends and Family,

There's some good news from Green County, Dayton, Ohio.

With reasonably limited resources, Dylan has managed to repair his DH115 Vampire to a state of air worthiness. The rudders and vertical fins were quite badly damaged but, by spending the entire Monday on it, he managed to get it back together. On Tuesday he test flew the aircraft with great success - so Dylan is back in the competition. At the time of writing, he is in the queue to enter the static part of the competition.

As Mark's aircraft is completely broken and unrepairable, our friends from Team America offered Mark a Skymaster F16 painted in the red,white and blue centenary colours to fly in the competition. This aircraft does have limited documentation, having been flown at Top Gun this year. Mark has managed to put a couple of test flights on the aircraft today.
This is obviously not ideal, considering two years familiarity with the Vampire. We are very grateful to Tommy Yeates the (Team USA Manager) who made this offer on behalf of Scott Harris, whose back-up aircraft it was.

As for Francois, his aircraft also being beyond repair, has taken himself and Sarah, with their supporters away for a break.

Official flying starts tomorrow, Thursday afternoon, but we do not expect any results until completion of round one.

Dylan has promised to put some pics on the SAMJA web page.

Thank you for all the well-wishes and interest, we really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,

Marthinus JF Potgieter

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Klerksdorp Fly In 30 / 31 July 2011

Click on the graphic for a larger view.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on the World Jet Masters from Percy Attfield

Unfortunately Team South Africa's World Jet Master's hopes were dashed yesterday, Sunday 24 July,  at approximately 14h00 local time when an incoming rainstorm combined with 80 mph winds struck. The model hangar, an enormous circus–type marquee tent, turned into a large parachutee. The canvas sides and poles flattened our team as well as our tables / airplanes before the tent lifted off and ended up half a mile away! I am not sure of the definition of the storm, hurricane, tornado or tropical storm but have never experienced anything like that.

Most of the team got away some bruises and cuts but Francois, and his girl friend Sarah, was taken to hospital by ambulance with some rather serious injuries. Later last night they were discharged but are rather sore and uncomfortable. Once the tent was gone obviously thousands of liters of water just poured over all the aircraft, equipment and us. Steel trestle tables were lifted by the winds and deposited in the parking lot. Transport boxes and belongings were scattered over the entire field.

In hindsight we can just be very glad that everybody is alive. We were the first team to unpack our aircraft and start practicing, if the tent had been full there would have been major mayhem. Mark Savage's Vampire is completely destroyed and Francois' Hawk also suffered serious damage. Dylan's Vampire suffered less damage but is also unserviceable. Later today we will meet with the organizers and decide what we will do next.

See the video take after the storm.(click on the clip for a larger version).

Problems at the Jet Masters in the USA -- Percy Attfield

I had a call from Marthinus Potgieter, the Jet Masters Team Manager, at 10:30 Sunday night telling me that they have been hit by a tornado. Francois Diedericksen and his girlfriend has been taken to hospital. The other members of the team have injuries but have not gone to hospital.

I understand from him that the planes and equipment are mostly destroyed.

All of them were in a large tent which was blown away, the tent poles broken and heavy steel tables blown 300 or 400 metres and then dumped again.

I have no more information at present, if more information becomes available I will keep you informed.

I have spoken to Bob Skinner who is at Muncie in the USA, he will call Marthinus.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Aeronautical Society of South Africa 2011 Aerospace Challenge A Low Speed Flight Competition

The goal of the competition is to conceptualise, design, construct and fly a radio controlled
model aircraft capable of taking off in as short a  distance as possible and then fly as
slowly as possible over a short course while carrying a pre-specified payload.

This challenge is aimed at two different groups of participants and is therefore divided into
two parts. The Inter-University Challenge will include the requirement to present and be
judged on the academic portion of the aircraft design. The Open Challenge will include
only the take off and flight portion of the competition and entries are accepted from any

This is intended to be a fun competition but with the intention to encourage interest in both
aviation and aeronautics amongst but not limited to learners and students.

Read more here.

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