Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Claude on the Aerobatic Masters

The Official “Junk mail” Pattern paper
To all & Sundry you are invited to air your views about Pattern or flying in general, send me your stuff & I will circulate it…(but no calling Blind Deaf & Dumb judges horrible names)…

1. More thoughts about the Nationals & Masters… I had a re-think about the hosting of the nationals, me thinks that as this is in some instances a competition of opportunity, by that I mean if it’s held in the Gauteng area u would naturally get more competitors from that area, normally in the “Novice” (a word I detest…as I think that this is a derogatory term, as most of the pilots that fly this category are not novices, but fairly good pilots,) …lets not digress, because they had their first experience at National level the “good & passionate” ones obviously get hooked, & will attend future nationals at any cost……..
2. With this in mind I feel that the centres that will attract this type of entry would be Gauteng, CapeTown, Bloemfontien as well Durban, but I’m unaware of the flying numbers in Natal, nevertheless this is not the matter I wish to bring to the table right now…
3. It’s about the Masters…I feel that as this is a competition is by invitation, it should be held in a more Central venue such as Bloemfontien, as all those that qualified to fly would make an effort to go to the Masters as it is in fact a honour to be invited to fly, in this way not many flyers would have a home advantage (except those “Bloomers” from Bloemfontien) but it would be easer for those of us that that have to travel long distances
4. The “Donn” (Ivan.O) would be able to invite judges from all round the country & use this opportunity at the “Donner’s” convention to re-calibrate the judging……….I think that as pilots are invited to fly in this comp, this opportunity could be used to train more “Donner’s” “live” (PS Cape Town’s Judges need re-calibrating I keep coming last)
5. The second “Thing” I wish to bring up is that Pattern flyers are becoming Younger & younger as the Masters that falls in the later part of the year, as a result it always falls inside of the exam period and this makes it impossible for these young pilots to fly…. Can we not change the Masters to fall on a long weekend at a time of year when there are no exam problems?
6. PLEEEZZZZE would those in charge of competitions in your area please send me the results, with points, not normalized so that I can start putting together a national rankings list…Just so that we know who’s the “enemy” at the next Nats or Masters…
7. Please forgive all grammatical spelling & other errors
8. Regards Claude MacKrill Capetown.

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