Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Claude MacKrill on Murphy's Law

· Murphy’s Laws of Aeromodeling
· Correlated By ………Claude MacKrill
Please add some of your experiences to the list & mail them back to me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Murphy’s Law If Murphy’s Law can go wrong it will
Murphy is out there waiting for you……
Murphy’s Law on learning to start engines, “You Bleed You learn”
Murphy’s Law. If your battery can fall out it will, (ask Pierre.M about the Nats in CapeTown)
The 50-50-90 rule Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.
If you do a great landing
Nobody’s watching
The runways moved
Your undercarriage collapses
If there is an immovable object near, that is where you will land.
Only on perfect flying days will u forget your TX at home
If you use a wing joiner, you would have left it at home the week after you left your TX at home
If you can't go flying tomorrow, the weather will be perfect.
Your glow plug will blow just as you are about to start for a competition
If you let your future wife choose the honeymoon hotel, there won’t be a flying field close.
Your worst landing is always done at a pattern comp
If your retracts fail it will do so on a tar runway
If you have to walk 100m to the take off area (F1 Field Pretoria)
Your engine wont run
You forget your starter battery
The temp is 40 deg in the shade
You forgot the calling sheet.
A call of nature becomes Very Very Urgent.
You forgot the Coffee
Its to dark by the time you get there
If you need a new prop you will have one either side of the size you need
If your tank leaks, the size of the leak is inversely proportional to how difficult it is to get to the tank
When your wife cleans up after you messed up the lounge, the pieces of balsa she throws away are the parts you need
Corollary The parts she lovingly saved for you is the scrap. (PS don’t tell her otherwise the next time the wings will go out with the good parts)
If you cut your finger while starting all the plasters in your box will have “Goofy” printed on it.
When your throttle linkage fails you will still have a full tank, as it never fails on an empty tank (ask Damion (PRF)……20min @ 150
The expensive kit you just bought, is on sale for half price at the other dealer.
Murphy’s law of fuel
The fuel mix you have to use is always the most expensive.
If your engine seized it was the “other” blend you should have run
Murphy’s law of Glo Plugs
The plug you just threw in the bush was “OK” the glo battery was flat.
The new plug in your box is not the one you need for your engine.
A new glow plug will last forever if you have spares, but only about a half-an-hour is you don't.
Murphy’s law of Engines
You will always purchases the “New model” a week before the “New New” model goes on sale.
The engine on sale is always one size to small, or to big for the model you just built.
After hours of setting, changing pipe lengths, New fuel mixes, and Volumes of “Colourful adjectives” you bring the settings back to where they were in the first place, everything works
The probability of an engine quitting is directly proportional to the distance the airplane is from the landing area
Murphy’s law of “take off’s”

The only molehill on the runway will get in your way….Splat
An engine that ran perfectly for months will splutter & die as you lift off. (At a comp)
Murphy’s law of Landings
If you missed the molehill on take-off it will get you on landing ….Splat
If it's not a tail dragger, it will be.
Murphy’s law Transmitters
The one function your computer radio does not have is the one you desperately need
Murphy’s law of Weather
On flying days the wind will blow
On Non flying days, no wind
· On Public holidays the wind blows
On public holidays you promised to take the wife out, No wind
On perfect days, the mist refuses to lift.
On perfect public holidays, the mist is situated ONLY over the flying field
The wind is never blows at the “other field” until you decide to go fly there
It never rains at the flying field unless it’s a flying day.
Murphy’s law of Frequency
If a beginner joins the club it will be on your Spot
If there are 5 flyers at the field, 3 will be on the same spot
When visiting another flying club yours is the spot they have the most interference on, they don’t tell you until you “Splattered”, they then say “what did I tell you the interference is still there”. And then warn you about that spot.
Nothing is easy as it looks.
When things go wrong, that cannot possibly to go wrong, it’s usually impossible to repair.
Murphy’s law of Covering
The right way to cover a certain shape is always found out the day after you just covered it the wrong way.

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