Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oudtshoorn 2006 -- Morne sets the record straight

I didn't attend but by all accounts Oudtshoorn this year was as good as ever. There was a comment on SARFLY, can't remember from whom, that flying safety may not have been up to "Airshow Standards".

Here is Morne's reply:

Neville is correct! This is not an air show. Just a get together of scale RC pilots. Just as difficult as implementing SAMAA book of safety, just as difficult will it be to implement proficiency! The insurance company will always find a loop hole! I can not remember 1 time that a SAMAA (committee) representative has actually visited the Oudtshoorn event. Even now that we have representation in the WC!

We, CFC, have always played by the rules of SAMAA and enforced strict flying discipline and safety standards. Yes some will argue that all are not up to standard. But we can state that in 35 years no loss of life or injury was reported. Last year's after hour incedent was the closest!

I think most people attending Oudtshoorn are disciplined pilots. Most of them know the rules and stick to them. Some pilots do not like flying in a circuit all the time and like to "show off". We have found these pilots will not attend Oudtshoorn or change there style to fit in with the crowd.

The event is bigger than individuals and this is the success story. We never want to have an air show or commercialize the event.

We thank all loyal supporters and hope that all modelers will go to there workshop and start building a good scale model for next year. We will try and bring some international friends to Oudtshoorn next year.

Thanks again and safe flying...

Chairman CFC

(Well said Morne)

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