Friday, September 28, 2007

Oudtshoorn update -- Hekkie Fourie

Trophy Winners CFC Scale 2007:

Best Pre WW1 Model: Werner Mayer Bleriot
" " Marcus Weitzman Sopwith
" WW11 " Alex Kieczynski F W 190
" Civilian Model Juan Fourie Cessna
" Multi " Greg Donaldson Dakota
" Bi-plane Marcus Weitzman Stearman
" Lrg Scale Model Gerrit Swanepoel Cub
" Helicopter Michael Camons NH 90
" Glider Steve Filby K6
" Electric Powered:Marc Wolffe DH Comet
Most realistic Flight :Neville Wright Cessna 421
Realistic Turbine Flight Neville Wright L39 Albatros
Most enjoyable flying Marcus Weitzman
Most unusual model Mervyn Pannel Cessna 152 T/D
Best technical Achievement Ross Holing Harvard
Hard Luck Trophy Terry Hamilton
Pilots' Choice Neville Wright Cessna 421
Best Spirited Club BOMAC
Best Owner Builder Model Ross Holing Harvard
" ARF Wynand Swart CAP 232
Furthest Travelled Pilot Paul Botha Lydenburg

Best indoor electric flyer Ashley Ruth Rainbow E 3D
Winner indoor event Johan Van Zyl
Best Rubber Powered Model Garth Anderson Slow Flyer

We had a record number of entries this year = 147
and also a record number of scale models = 297
The Guinness record was broken and now is = 49 models
flying together for one minute.
At one stage we had 19 Cubs flying together. This may
also be a record.

Some Info gathered from the entry forms. Unfortunately
not all of the entry forms were completed properly.
Arfs 160
Built up models 92
Owner Builders 55
!.C. Models 139
Electric Models 31
Turbines 8

List of Models at Scale 2007

Cubs 32
Extras 17
Cessnas 17
Edges 9
Yaks 9
Ultimates 8
Caps 7
Tiger Moths 7
Spitfires 7
Mustangs 6
Thunderbolts 5
Fly Baby 5
Beavers 4
Tucanos 4
Dakotas 4
Sukois 4
Warhawks 4
Harvards 4
3 and less
various other models
too many to list here.


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