Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drinking and Flying -- Paolo Ruzzier

After reading Vic's letter in the November 2007 SAMAA NEWS (Letters to the editor) I for one want to give my full support to his letter and statements.

Alcohol, as Vic says, is widely accepted around the world. However, South Africans somehow think they can do it better than anyone else; they don't drink alcohol for the taste, enjoyment or relaxing feeling it may give them. Refusing to have "just one" but drinking as much as they can until they fall over absolutely motherless - thinking everyone sees them as real heroes, believing whatever crap comes out of their mouths.

The next day they feel absolutely terrible; have hangovers yet STILL brag about how much they had to drink. Then it's "LET'S HAVE AN OTHER ONE - HAIR OF THE DOG THAT BIT YOU", after which they get into their cars, driving themselves and maybe even their families to shopping centers or flying fields still trying to prove to all and sundry what heroes they are; totally oblivious to the fact that everyone is looking at them thinking "What a stupid fool you are, is this what "Proudly South African means?

I don't even want to comment on the fools doing drugs; they are equally stupid to be involving themselves in such a practice. What's the matter; is there not enough information out there telling you what the effects are? Statistics have proven the damage caused over and over again telling of the great expense to the victims. It's spoken about on radio; television; the news papers but there are always those who know better.

Chaps, we can see when you've been drinking; if you are an alcoholic or under the influence of drugs. I for one don't enjoy your stupidity or foul language, every second word coming from your mouth being f---; a clear sign of ignorance and lack of vocabulary. Our children hear you; our wives and girlfriend hear you but you don't care. You are disgusting to be around but all you can say is "If you don't like it then don't join"!

The fact is we want you to get lost; get out of our environment, club and presence. There will of course always be some idiots hanging around you; scared that if they don't join in they'll be regarded as sissies and nurds " yet another sign of ignorance.

After 34 years in active service on our airline, I have seen the experts drinking and what it did to them through the years. They were the guys who didn't drink eight hours before flying; supposedly being "sober" when boarding the aircraft to do probably eight or more hours of flying, taking not just their own but the lives of others in their hands.

Slurred speech; slow hesitant thinking; inability to problem solve; looking old and haggard; bad body odour; bad breath; lack of balance; suffering from cancer and all sorts of other diseases; short miserable life spans...I can go on and on. Yes I know you tell everyone you don't drink that much and can stop any time; believe me now - YOU CAN'T; YOU NEED HELP!

I can safely say to you drunken bums out there (and you know who you are) that if any of my family, friends or anyone I know gets injured or killed through your drunken stupidity - be it on the road, flying field airport or wherever you will NEVER hear the end of it until your dying day. That is a promise and vow that many, in fact the greater majority of our community have made. Get the message, "We do not want to be associated with you in any way"!

If you really have to drink, do it at home; then you can drink as much as you like, fall over and make a complete "stupid ice hole" of yourself. Or, go to a pub and get someone to take you home afterwards. Give your car keys to someone responsible that you trust, telling them not to give them back to you until you are sober again,

For crying out loud; THINK! How will you feel if you wipe out a child or a family? What if it is a member of your own family or a friend? Now read my lips "OUR FLYING FIELDS OR CLUBS ARE NOT PUBS"!

I want to see responsible people enjoying a good day of expert flying; hoping even to learn and improve my flying and aeronautical skills without having to deal with idiots who refuse to abide by club rules just because it doesn't suit them. If you understand the statement which I have made here, I hope it will make the difference for you, however if you feel insulted about what I have said, then maybe this applies to you and you should take more notice! I feel very strongly about this matter, and I hope it will open at least someone's eyes out there.

Paolo Ruzzier; SAMAA Membership # 1542


Anonymous said...

South Africa is a free country. If people need to have a drink and behave within the law, they are free to do so.

We have a pub at our club and EVERYONE in the club is using it. After a day's flying we relax, have a braai and DRINK ALCOHOL.Which is, by the way, a legal substance.

If some drunk has offended you or broke the law, the I suggest you take it up within the parameters of the law.

It is, however, unfair to say that "South Africans" are all drunks who think they can do better than anyone else.

I am a south african, and so are my club members, and they surely don't do the things you say they do, AND THEY USE ALCOHOL.We do not swear, get violent or judge other people based on their personal preferences. We stay within the legal limits and have every right to do so.

As for the "drugs" you mentioned,the law should be allowed to take it's course. Drugs destroys lives.

I take offense in your generalisation that: "chaps, ..been drinking..." are total "alcoholics" and need help.

There is a big difference in "being totally motherless" or being within the legal limits.

If there is a problem with drunk people in your club the law should take it's course.

Our club will always have a licensed pub and it will remain in place. I am sorry to hear that you have problems with your club members that cannot behave or/and break the law. Please do not judge ALL SOUTH AFRICANS by the actions of a few.

Model aircraft are dangerous. One should NEVER abuse alcohol. Never operate any machinery while under the influence of ANY substance/medication.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Paolo says.... bit don't think he was generalising. There ARE far too many people whose use of alcohol and their subsequentbehavious poils what would be an otherwise nice day out for many.
it seems they forget that there are on ocvcasions "little ears" close by who have to listen to the profanities spewing out - embarrassing and unnecessary. Try thinking when you drink... not always easy as the brain seesm to go into a coma.

I certainly don't aqppreciate having to listen to foul language when at the club

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