Friday, February 08, 2008

Dirty Tricks

Tim Blackman of The RC Pilot sent in this info:

There is an SMS doing its rounds basically it says , The RC Pilot is being taken over by its suppliers and anyone who has any 2nd hand kits in the shop should remove them immediately.

Our Attorneys have just laid a charge at the SAPS Kempton Park, The SAPS & our attorneys have applied for a section 205 warrant on The Service Provider, The Service Provider risk management section is in the process of supplying the SAPS with details.

The culprit in question has brought a cheap R20.00 sim card and a R50 pay as you go voucher and sent the message via his own registered cell phone. The service provider has married the sim card to "his" Phone and the person will be arrested early next week.

The culprit has also sent the message via a PC. The service provider has also been able via a personal code attached to the message trace the source of the message.

Modellers are requested to laugh this off but it just goes to show what a person will do if he is asked to leave your shop for arguing and becoming aggressive with the shop attendants. If customers are worried they are more than welcome to take their 2nd hand aircraft out the shop until this person is arrested



Piet le Roux said...

This is so typical South African! All that the Shop owner is concerned about is his reputation and to get even. The fact that he has a very unsatisfied customer is of absolutely no concern. Clearly this person is unhappy about the way he was treaded and although I do not condole his actions I think that the owner should rather have tried to resolve the problem, instead he took a “don’t talk to me talk to my lawyer” attitude. I hope that this “convicted “ individual would be so kind as to publish his side of this story on the blog.
Piet le Roux

Anonymous said...

I have to agree Piet, what a lot of hogwash! Arrested? For what schedule offense? Where is the crime? The guy has been convicted already! Section 205 warrant? Who is going to issue that? The Magistrate/Regional/Judge Of The Supreme Court surely has much more important things to do? I must smile at this person's futile attempt to scare the living sheets out of an (ex)customer! Remind me not to shop there please!

You can only apply for section 205 when an "alleged crime" has been committed. Where is the crime? Only a court can establish that.Then you can be prosecuted, if it is so decided by the prosecutor, and even he/she is bound by Subsection 4 and Section 15 of the RICPC!

Anyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Sending of sms's is not a crime. Publicly stating your opinion is not a crime. And that is covered in your Chapter 3 rights.

I would like the hear the other party's side of the story, and contact details in case he/she needs any legal advice.

Piet Le Roux said...

This situation could have been avoided if the shop owner followed this simple rule :

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.
Mahatma Gandhi

But this rule will never be applied if the South African consumers does not demand it!

Anonymous said...

well from what ive heard they are a ripoff anyway. so no loss

Anonymous said...

How can Samaa allow Anonymous to leave "snotty" little messages-on there website ,They should be forced to name if the can spell there own names.
If this is the case anyone will say "untruths" about anyone and Samaa News has to publish these untruths
Anyway the truth always prevails.

Anonymous said...

Where is the snotty remark? If someone has an opinion that differs from yours is it "snotty"?

And this is not a "samaa" website. It is a free blog hosted by It is maintained by John, in his own spare time.

Samaa does not pay for it. And why should anyone reveal their names? That is the purpose of the "Anon" button in the "Leave your Comment" area!If you want a name you can call me...Boetie Beyers, or Mannetjies Malan, whatever you like, it does not make a difference as this words I am typing is just an opinion of a guy/girl that enjoys the hobby.

And Samaa does not "have" to publish any of this. And they don't. Look at the "Drinking and Flying" post by Razzier. That blatant attack on "South Africans" was published in the Samaa Mag, but NOT the replies when someone took this anti-south african razzier on!

And yes, you are spot on, the truth does prevail. If a hobby shop gives bad service the news will travel. If a hobby shop overcharges and rips off it's new and old customers, they will not go back there.

The truth is, we, as rc hobbiests, have had it with hobby shops who blatantly rips you off, give bad service and then feel the customer owes them something.

John said...

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