Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Triumph for Common Sense.

With only a few weeks to go to Oudtshoorn, someone asked, perhaps tongue in cheek, what proficiency was needed to fly there.

Fanie Fourie puts this, and the whole proficiency matter into the proper perspective.

............Oudtshoorn Scale is not a competition nor an Airshow/Public Display. It is a scale event where fellow scale RC modelers meet up for a great weeks flying, fun and to showcase their building skill in a relaxed non competing, safe atmosphere. Yes some pilots are rewarded at the end of scale weekend for their achievements in the respective categories for which their are trophies, however there is no official static judging with flight scores ect which you'll find at a dedicated scale competition. It is not an airshow/public display either it is a scale meet held in the spirit of a fly-inn.

Now the requirement to all pilots who enter is to be a paid up SAMAA member because it is a SAMAA sanctioned event. This issue came up two years ago as well, type in "Brief report on Oudtshoorn scale 2006" in the SARLFY search engine and see all the discussions, too long to repeat here. For the those who are to lazy here is a quote from the CFC official reply to this matter and it still stands today:

"On a serious note, we CFC have debated this issue over and over. Safety is the one and most important aspect of this event. We have strict rules and marshals on the flight line. We even have extra insurance cover.

The Municipality of Oudtshoorn requires a fully drawn up business plan before the event! Because they will be responsible if something go very wrong! So Oudtshoorn is not just a fly-inn of a couple of pilots getting together! It is a well planned event that takes at least 8 months to organize! It can not be compared to any other event. Oudtshoorn will always be the benchmark for other events to follow!

Without Samaa it will be impossible to run the event! (We have tried) They have always been more than helpful. So Oudtshoorn will always be a Samaa sanctioned event and Samaa membership will be mandatory! Period! A Pilot not up to scratch will be grounded and send home. It is all common sense. Safety is no accident!!!

I know of a lot of pilots who only attend Oudtshoorn for the friendship. They are quite good pilots, but feel uncomfortable flying with 10 other models at the same time. Now this is what I call common sense. Everybody should know there limits. But just saying that, there will always be some adrenalin junkies pushing the boundaries!"

Now having said that, again common sense must prevail and if it does not the marshals will see to it that does happen and yes this year there will be consistency.

We all know the spirit of Oudtshoorn Scale, that is what makes this event unique. All the attendees will agree to it, ask yourself why will an international journalist come back a second time in 3 years if there was not something unique to the spirit or the atmosphere at the event?

I hope this will suffice..............

Fanie Fourie

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