Monday, December 01, 2008

Sci Bono -- thanks from Percy Attflield

Dear John,
Please see if the mail below is useful for your web site. It is copy of my thank you letter that I sent to the participants and the Sci Bono management.

It refers to the Sci Bono exhibition of Model planes, cars, trains and boats that took place from 27 to 30 November at the Sci Bono Science Center in Johannesburg.

Some of the visitors on Saturday and Sunday asked if this could be repeated in other provinces as well. It seemed as though there is a requirement for modeling exhibitions. The regional structures that are being created and the larger clubs could consider exhibiting at a shopping mall over a weekend. It may well help clubs that find their numbers dwindling due to the economy to attract new members.

Should a club require a copy of the control line video or of the control line pamphlets they should contact the SAMAA office.

Kind regards

Subject: Sci Bono

Good day,
I wish to personally thank those who worked at the exhibition from Thursday to Sunday. Your contribution was immense

A special thank you to those who spent every day at the exhibition, Anja, Simon, Lofty and Bob, and the Control Line people Roston, Roston Jnr and Keith who spent 2 days each at Sci Bono.

Thank you to the Control Line wives, Bokkie and Rina who each spent a day helping with the building and general information about model planes.

Others who spent a day working at the event are Lionel Brink, Glenn and Dylan Roberts, Joe Coetzer, Johan Ehlers, Marthinus Potgieter and Vic de Vries. Peter Joffe also paid us a visit on Friday and Saturday. Should I have left some on off the list please accept my apologies, it is not intentional.

Thank you to:
· Keith for the very informative Control Line video that he produced to display the discipline to many interested visitors, this video played continuously for most of the four days and for his flying on the grass area on Sunday. It was much more exciting than the flying from myself on Saturday.
· Richard and the display team from the RC Pilot Hobby Shop for flying indoor choppers and fun toys that interested many spectators.
· Peter for the printing and delivery of the control line information brochures, many of these were handed out on Saturday and Sunday.
· The control line members who displayed 7 planes hanging from the ceiling and 6 planes at table level. Using the table level display models helped to answer the many questions from interested visitors.

Thursday and Friday about 200 to 250 Delta Darts were built on each day for the many school children who attended.

However the most exiting days were Saturday and Sunday when on each day about 150 to 200 Darts were built by family groups and adults. Fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts and grandparents, many expressed the view that this was one of the best days they have spent in a long time. Some even called friends from the exhibition and urged them come and join.

While this was a great success as an outreach to non modeling individuals and created new awareness for SAMAA there were a few seasoned modelers who were disappointed at the lack of Radio Control planes and that the model plane dealers were not represented. All of them expressed the view that these two points needs to be addressed.

David please thank the Sci Bono staff for their arrangements and assistance. I do believe that a meeting to address lessons learned could be valuable input to next year’s exhibition.

Kind Regards,
Percy Attfield

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