Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sportsman Pattern: to limit or not to limit? -- Burt Botha replies

Hi Piet

The Committee takes note of the content of your e-mail. It has indeed been decided, after due deliberation, involving regional representatives and following proper procedure, that all previous restrictions (weight, motor) on the Sportsman class will be lifted and that for the 2010/2011 season the F3A restriction will apply to this class. The Committee has also introduced a new class, Novice, where no restrictions of any kind will be imposed. The schedules and descriptions for this new class are already available on the SAMAA web page.

Rest assured that these decisions were not taken lightly and were hotly debated since the 2009 AGM, when the Committee started receiving inputs from pilots all across the country. In this regard several inputs were received from your region. During a judging clinic towards the end of the year these newly proposed classes and rules were presented and discussed. It is regretted that this information did not reach you earlier. We will take this up with the respective representative and I honestly believe that he has the best interest of all classes at heart in your region.

The 2010 MAASA Sporting Code should be available on the SAMAA web page before the end of the week-end and I am sure that once you have had site of the revised code, you will see that the Committee has tried it’s best to accommodate the majority of the pilots in the country. There are some interesting changes to promotion and relegation that will make the flying season more enjoyable for most pilots. We however take cognisance of the fact that we sadly cannot accommodate the feelings and wishes of all pilots in this regard.

Should you require any more detail or clarification on the processes followed, and the reason for removal of the restrictions, please feel free to contact me and I can discuss the detailed processes followed.

Kind regards

Burt Botha


Vice Chairman


Piet le Roux said...

Thank you for your responds Burt. I will make my responds short and sweet (without the tap dancing):
I am sure that you trying to do what are best. Unfortunately good intentions alone are not enough you need to take the time to communicate: none of the Sportsman and potential Sportsman pilots in my region were asked for their input. The sporting code does not allow you to implement the changes without proper procedure so even if we disregard the fact that proper consultation and circulation of the information were not done, a date for the implementation can only be set once the Sporting code have been updated so please inform us when this date is set.

Piet le Roux said...
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