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MAASA Chairman's report March 2005 -- Savas Nicolaides

4 March 2005


2005 is already 2 months old, and it feels like December was ages ago. A lot has happened since I took over the chair from Eric Ousman towards the end of 2004, obviously Eric's good work making it easier for me.

Aerobatics appears to be growing judging by the number of competitors in recent competitions. MAASA'S decision to make the 2004 Masters open was welcomed by all, barring a few mortals.
This open event attracted many competitors from all over, and if it weren't for the exam period over October, we would probably have seen more entries. For this reason, MAASA has moved the masters to June this year, alleviating this exam issue. 2 out of 4 league competitions will count towards qualification, and any 1 league of the 2004 season may be used by a competitor to qualify

The F3A South African team has been chosen to participate in France during August, and this event is scheduled to be an exciting World Championship as the host country is very active in aerobatics, regarding aircraft manufacturers and the current world champion's home town. The team will begin preparations soon and as always any donations will be welcome, as it is a costly strip for the pilots.

Growth is necessary in any sport for longevity, hence MAASA had decided to limit the aircraft specifications for the "SPORTSMAN'S CLASS" limiting the engine size to .90's and non-retractable aircraft. This we hope will entice ab initio entries into SPORTSMAN'S, and to be competitive with any type of aircraft. We saw this work in practice, as in the NW Champs in Klerkdsdorp in January, 1st place was taken with a traditional "STIK". So come on guys, if you have any type of aircraft, with the correct specification, then join us and we promise that the bug will bite you very hard. Pattern flying is rewarding, skillful and sociable, and once you can pilot a pattern aircraft respectfully then you can call yourself an "accomplished radio controlled pilot".

Communication has been a big problem for us admittedly and for this very reason, we have asked Claude Mackrill from the Cape to fill this slot as MAASA'S PRO/newsman. Some of you have seen his tongue in cheek e-mails, that seems to be growing in popularity. Claude will receive direct communication from the MAASA Committee and then spread the word out, he will host his informal chat site too. So please send your e-mail address to Claude at : ""and you will be in the loop.

No organization can exist without money, and for this, R100.00 per year is nothing to ask for MAASA membership. Theoretically you cannot compete in any competition nationally if you are not a MAASA member. This is not enforced as we do not want to be destructive, so please guys R100.00 for the full year is not too much to ask. You will ask, for what does MAASA need the money? My answer is I don't know, first give MAASA the money and then, I am sure we will find something CONSTRUCTIVE to do with the money. Please get hold of our Treasurer, Chris Bessinger on 083 380 9084 for the MAASA account details.

The Nationals this year, will be hosted by Central Radio Flyers in Bloemfontein starting the 27th April. Bloemfontein is in the center of our county, so equal distance for . Let see if we can have a record entry this year and better the NATS event in Cape Town in 2004. The guys in Bloemfontein, are really planning a show, judging by all the calls we get from them, so support the premier event of the calendar.

In closing, the MAASA Committee will be up for election at the AGM in Bloemfontein, and the current MAASA Committee has indicated stepping down with the exclusion of the Chief Judges Porfolio. The reason for this is simple, move the running of aerobatics to another region, for new and fresh ideas and energies. Gauteng has been doing this for far too long, and we have become stale at this job, its time for other regions. The Western Cape has some very experienced modelers with long histories, who could fill these posts that will be coming vacant. The guys up in Bloemfontein are also all very keen competitors right now, so MAASA, formally invites nominations for the AGM in Bloemfontein.


S. Nicolaides
MAASA Chairman

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