Monday, February 19, 2007

Park Flyers and the SAMAA

Here is an exchange of email between Aragon Gouvier and Joe Coetzer on this subject.
Quite interesting.
The most recent messages are at the top...

Thanks Aragon, The letter I sent you will be on the Web/Blog shortly. I am copying John Godwin, he is the Web Master. By the way are you a SAMAA member? I am also copying Alan, since your comments will be of interest to his Committee. Kind regards, Joe

-----Original Message-----
From: Aragon Gouveia
Sent: 19 February:07
To: Johann Coetzer
Cc: Bob Skinner; Dirk Meyer
Subject: Re: Parkflyers

Hi Joe,

Thanks for clearing that up. However...

I highly recommend publishing something along the lines of what you just told me. People are up in arms about being called "Freeloaders" and threatened with police action against their Parkflying activities. In case you hadn't noticed, some people (myself included) have voiced some strong opinions on the matter in the SAMAA Blog and other online resources. Why do we never seem to see official SAMAA commitee members speaking on the SAMAA Blog?

On a different topic, I have a question/suggestion regarding SAMAA insurance. Now with SAMAA implementing pilot training and certification, what are the chances of the insurance covering members that are not flying from a certified field? I think SAMAA should aim to attract as many members as possible, and for many the insurance cover is the number one reason to join. If Parkflyers can get trained up and certified to a defined level of skill and responsibility, I really think they ought to be liable for insurance regardless of where they fly. What do you think?

I'll drop Alan a mail sometime and see how his investigations are going.


| By Johann Coetzer
| [:17 +0200 ]
Hi Aragon, There is a misunderstanding here, when I said that that model flyers have to join SAMAA in order to legalise their activities, I definitely did not single out Park Flyers or directed that statement to Parkflyers specifically. At the moment, anybody may LEGALLY fly a model aircraft up to a height of 150 feet, approx. 45 metres, without belonging to SAMAA or contravening the Civil Aviation Act. The whole complicated issue of Park Flyers is being investigated by a special committee of SAMAA under the Chairmanship of Alan Fraser, you are welcome to comment or advise Alan of your idees. His e-mail is His Committee's report will be considered once the investigation is completed. Some of the problems are related to size, weight, frequencies, insurance and locality of flying activities.Park flying is being sorted out at the moment. The bigger picture is captured in the attached letter, where it addresses the fact that SAMAA renders services to all modellers in the country, not only to its members. SAMAA is entitled to request these persons tp either join or to pay for the services, Joining is going to be cheaper! SAMAA is the ONLY body recognised to control model aviation in the interest and safety of all modellers. You are welcome to call me on if we need to discuss the matter in more detail. Kind regards, Joe

-----Original Message-----
From: Aragon Gouveia
Sent: 17 February:35
To: Joe Coetzer
Subject: Parkflyers

Hi Joe,

I write to you concerned over the recent Newsletter publications regarding Parkflyers. In the past few publications you state that SAMAA views non-member Parkflyers as "freeloaders" and illegal in the context of South African law.

My first question is, what law specifically are they breaking? And in ich authoritive CAA publication can I find this law? In the January issue you provide more information, but unfortunately you chose to publish this in Afrikaans so I can't understand it.

My second question, what incidents have transpired over the past 6-12 months that have prompted SAMAA to take this stance?


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