Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Claude MacKrill asks a question about servos

Just a note from Cape Town............

It has come to my notice that the JR servo the 539 5 Kg servo has been giving some modellers problems.......now I wish to raise the point......A fellow modeller bought a new 9x ...'State of the art' outfit with the 539 servo system. Of the 5 servos that was supplied with this kit 2 failed during flight, as this is a beginner the hours of use that was clocked up was minimal....in the region of 7 X 10 min fights, luckily the servos were not on elevator or ailerons......but if they were exit one very pretty Ultra stick........the cost of around R1400.00 .....But what if this was a new pattern ship that u had just invested 40 or 50 hrs of building, the cost in time is enormous.....this begs some comment.......
After some asking around I found that there has been a few other modellers who have suffered the same with these servos,....Now I want to know if u know of anybody that has been using JR 539's & had failures please let me know.
I feel we always think that if a servo goes it's an isolated incident, & nothing ever gets done or said to the suppliers or the manufactures, because it was just me.............the manufactures will tell u that they have supplied 10000 of the units and only had trouble with a few, but how come 2 in one kit?.........
But it seems as if it is the latest batch of servos that seem to be problematic...as I have been flying with some 539's & have clocked up some serious time on these units without ant problems, but (hearsay) since they moved the factory to another location there have been more failures (hearsay).....any truth in the matter...I wonder.....please let me know......
Now if we find that ENOUGH OF THESE UNITS have been proven to be faulty, I don't think a mere replacement of these servos is enough, I feel that if the servo's were the cause of a crash the manufactories should compensate the modellers....i.e. pay for all the damages......what do u think.....if we keep in contact with each other we would be able to correlate all this information & not let these manufactures get away with just replacing a servo, we the modellers need to stand together & force their hand after all it's us that keep them very comfortable............
PS if u know of any other equipment that u think needs a mention, let me know & I will send a memo such as this around & we can then see how bad the problem is........We have to stand up for our rights.

A year or 2 ago Kurt my son had the misfortune of crashing a new ARF that he had just bought from Southern Hobbies ...it was a structural failure. Rene the owner of Southern hobbies on his own bat replaced the aircraft free of charge & without any argument, he then took up the issue with Smitties in Vaalie-land, who then replaced Rene's kit, this just goes to show that many of our hobby dealers are not out there just to Rake in the cash but do look after us meddlers, so don't be to hard on the dealers just make sure that they take up your cause with the suppliers.....Three cheers to Rene of Southern Hobbies
Regards to all

Claude MacKrill Cape Town

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