Monday, February 14, 2005

Louw Smit replies to Claude on Aerobatics

Hi Claude

I have two issues which arises from previous 'Aerobatic Stuff'. Firstly, I commented vociferously a while back on the merits of synthetic versus castor oil. Well, I suppose one can say that the proof may be in the pudding, or in this instance, in observing and comparing two OS type F plugs. These two plugs have both reached the functional end of their respective lives. Both were used in nearly identical (aerobatic) kites, where one is powered by an OS 90, while the other is powered by a similar Webra 90. The one on the left of the attached image, has had to fight it's way through clouds of castor oil fumes and residue, while the one the right was exposed to clean-burning fully synthetic oil-based fuel. I wish to suggest that the condition of any used plug will present a fair reflection of the state inside the combustion chamber where it come from. All I can therefore say then, is that I am very pleased that my combustion chamber does not look like the one on the left... I rest my case.

Secondly, it seems that I have a bone to pick with MAASA. After the 2004 Nats, I queried why there was no super-duper write-up in any ensuing SAMAA newsletter about this event. Although a tongue-in-cheek send-up from you was published somewhere (I seem to recall), I was hoping to see a more in-depth article on the whole event, complete with listed results and hopefully some pics etc. Nix. Zip. Fo**ol. I am sure that a lot of aerobatic and other interested pilots were also seriously disappointed. Then-editor John Godwin responded by saying that he could only consider material for publication which was actually submitted, but that nothing was submitted. The question to MAASA is: Why not? Then we subsequently had the 2004 Masters event, which we could not attend because of Josh's exam commitments. We were therefore eagerly looking forward to the latest SAAMA newsletter, fully expecting to read all about this supposedly prestigious event and it's results. Again absolutely bugg*rall. Guys, what on earth is going on? The only way we Colonials in this neck of the woods can know about these things, is to read about it - how the hell else can we know what is going on? Communication should be the name of the game...

Claude, hopefully you can elicit some official (MAASA) response and/or comment?



PRF Cape Town

PS I noted that Marcel Viljoen posed the question regarding MAASA membership and eligibility to participate in (regional) aerobatic comps. This I believe is a stated requirement for provincial events and the Nats and Masters, but is it actually required at regional level? Bear in mind that there will be pilots starting off in this sport who may not proceed to provincial and higher events...

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